Final feelings

Halloween this year was kind of a bust and I think the li’l punkin’ was disappointed.  We had three trick or treaters, leaving me with a punchbowl full of chocolate.  From my lips to my hips, as they say.

This was Syd for school.  She was supposed to be Mother Nature, with birds and butterflies in her hair and a vine up her leg.  You can see that she ran out of time before the vine got leaves.  Anybody recognize that as a quilting stencil? 


Her original plan for school included this mask, until she found out that the only things they could not include in their school costumes were masks and weapons. So, she wore it last night to hand out candy to kids who never came.


Today is the last day that my old boss will be in the office.  Lots of mixed feelings.  We’ve already been heading in different directions; he to his new and exciting challenges, me to my new and exciting challenges.  A distance has grown between us that is making this easier.  At least it is for me.  Yesterday, he used the results of the last project he assigned me.  And, there was the usual thanks and you’re welcome. 

This afternoon is his send off.  I could do without that.  adding alcohol to the mix is not going to add the spark to the farewell that I think the organizers believe it will. 

They’re all treating me like this should be some kind of a big deal; a funeral almost.  But, really, it’s just an awkward farewell.  It’s hard to say goodbye for days and days as we transition to something new.

And, I’ve had more bosses than we can shake a stick at.  I know this change.  I’ve done it.  Sometimes, it’s quick, like ripping off a band-aid.  Sometimes, it’s slow and awkward.  But, then it’s over and all the new gets into full swing and life goes on. 

I’m already making a big impression on the new boss.  That’s energizing.  And, exciting.  She gave the same assignment to me and to the person in my position for her old job.  I’m done.  She’s not started.  Nah-nah.

Hmmm.  That was childish. 

But, heartfelt.

Everybody have a great Friday.  I started working on a new quilt top yesterday, taking the fabrics from a terrible kit that I bought and turning them into something I can like.  There’s nothing really quite as challenging or fulfilling as taking someone else’s mistake and spinning it into gold.



Susan Entwistle said...

It's a party, enjoy it. Just think...'free booze'. :) I'm very interested in watching what you do with repurposing your kit. I've got one of those and I'd love some inspiration.

lw said...

My coworkers and I all had widely varying results-- I had about 40 kids (and their parents) show up last night, but some coworkers had one or none. I think that most of the kids are being taken to mall events or "trunk or treat" events. This kind of makes sense, hardly anyone knows their neighbors now, so the parents aren't sure who they can trust.

Rebecca Grace said...

Aw, poor Syd! You all should have been at my house handing out candy last night. The doorbell kept ringing and ringing as I was frantically trying to get my FMQ post in hours before the deadline, and my husband and sons were out trick-or-treating so I was the only one here to answer the door. I understand that these things are usually cyclical for neighborhoods -- right now, our neighborhood is mobbed with kids on Halloween, but once these kiddos have grown up we may become one of those "older" neighborhoods without trick-or-treaters. Really, someone should fill a bus with kids from crowded neighborhoods and take them to some of the lonely neighborhoods where folks are waiting with candy and the goblins never come.

Kath said...

Miss Sydney, the wavy hair looks very pretty!

Marei said...

"Childish....but heartfelt" You got me laughing good with that. We still say "nana nana moo moo" in my house. OK, it's just me that says it, and I'm at the 59.5 yr mark, but so what? Nana nana moo moo.....it just feels right.

Megan said...

Sorry if you think me childish as well, but I LIKED the "Nah-nah" story. Good on you!!!

Sydney, Australia

Cynthia Landrie said...

I can see that I have missed a lot since the last time I was here to say hello! I need to go back and catch up on your life! Syd looks so pretty and I just love the "vine" on her leg. We had over 200 trick or treaters - send her to visit us next year. Enjoy your new boss!