Sweet Sixteen

I think the girl had a big day. 

There were presents.


And, cake


And, flowers.


And, apparently, people sang Happy Birthday until she was sick of it. 

We took her out to dinner.  And, we made the day about her. 

That’s so important to a kid.  Just that focus on a special day.  It needs to be important and we’re so lucky that we’ve kept it important to her. 

Everybody be well.  Somehow, despite getting up 40 minutes early, I’ve ended up late.  Darn that extra time I spent sewing.



Kath said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl and many happy returns!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet 16- There is nothing like it! Love you
Miss Mary & Mr. Bud

Rebecca Grace said...

Nope -- darn that extra time spent on useless things like bathing or taking out the garbage! You'll never regret the time you take to be creative, or to create special memories for your child. It goes SO fast, doesn't it? Happy Sweet Sixteen to Sydney! (And I thought this post was going to be about your new longarm machine...)

lw said...

Happy birthday, Sydney!

Elizabeth said...

It is important for adults to have one special day too ;). It looks like Sydney had a really great day (did you make the cake?) and got lots of good stuff. And those flowers are so gorgeous.

xo -E