When we’re creative, we’re really creative

It was a very busy weekend, of course.  I got the neutral string quilt bound and washed, but that deserves its own post. 

I also got one of the little civil war repros quilted and just need to pick a tomato red fabric to bind it with.  If you click it, it should open to show off the feathers in the border.


I got started on this one early on Sunday with a scrap of batting and was finished before bed last nigh.  Later in the day, we went to replenish the batting stock and the best deal turned out to be the 25 yard roll at half off.


You can see I’ve already cut my first chunk out of it for a holiday quilt I started last year. 

I got started on this quilt second civil war repro quilt, which was also pin basted early from scrap. 


Just two blocks in, and it’s going really slow.  Free motion ditch work.  Blech!  The best part about free motion is that when the lines are washed away, you can’t tell if something was a mistake or not.  But, with ditch work, the lines never wash away.

Want to give a shout out to this machine.  Singer 237.

I just got it back from a loan.  Honestly, I didn’t drive it for a while before I loaned it and it had some clicks and grinds that I didn’t expect and I worry that maybe it came back earlier than I expected because of that.  A bit of oil and this is seriously the quietest machine I own.  The only real noise it makes is that grinding noise that usually indicates the belt is too tight.  But, in this case, I don’t think the machine ever got used much and I think the belt is just really stiff because the noise goes away after I sew for a while.  It's a Powerhouse!  And, you can still find one cheap.  So, if you’re looking for a good, simple all steel, heavy (no, like 35 pounds heavy) machine that will pull a house off it’s blocks, as my Dad used to say, this is the one.  And, they’re not very expensive on ebay, and really easy to repair.  You’ll appreciate the savings when you see the shipping cost.  She just doesn't have that sleek body that we're all looking for in a vintage machine.  Kind of bulky.  But what power. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  Lane


qltmom9 said...

A friend won trees made from the evergreen tree pattern at guild and gave me her win, so I have a start at that beauty. I really like your layout of that too. I SO enjoy a good vintage machine.


Kath said...

"the 25 yard roll at half off"

Oh I envy my American friends, quilting supplies are very expensive here in England and there are rarely sales. I asked my husband, when he comes to the USA for work, that he will wear a headcam and wander slowly round a quilt supplies shop. When I see something I want I can yell STOP and he will put it in his basket. Strangely, he declined.

Nancy said...

Wonderful quilts. I especially love the colors in the star quilt, but they are all fabulous. You did a great job on the feathers and I do so love feathers! Thanks for sharing.

Marei said...

Beautiful feathers! It's on my list to practice feathers this week.