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Superbusy quilting weekend this weekend as I worked with some internal feelings.  I’ve created a to-do list for myself, of stuff that I want to get to when I’m back in that up and doing frame of mind.  Anyway, these are just some quick pics to tease you and I’ll talk about them more during the week. 

How about some geese?


These finish at 1x3” and they are so fun.  I used most of the same freezer paper templates I used a couple weeks back on a quilt, where I talked here about paper piecing.  This finished off the fabric from the little kit I bought at the Chisholm Trail Quilt show.  If I laid the rest out, it might cover a 7x7” square.  That’s from 1 5/8 yards that I wouldn’t put away until it was all used up.

And, I finished the quilting on this quilt. 


Next the binding.  Ooh, that’s a horrible picture.  the red looks like stitches…or maybe I’m just still in a Halloween frame of mind.  I’m out of the red micro-dot, but I picked a very similar red for the binding.

I have another one that is nearly pieced, larger and made from a kit that I didn’t like, but I want to do a long post on it, so this is just a teaser for that. 


Okay, gotta go.  It was real quiet around here family wise.  Somebody is going to turn 16 this week and we went birthday shopping.  It’s so fun to take her shopping.  Rob and I played and looked at stuff and she shopped because the quickest way to get her to dislike something is for me to like it.

Be well.  Lane

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lw said...

The lap quilt sure turned out well. I like the "energetic" look from the red parts.

I am trying paper piecing-- old school style-- for the first time, I'm getting usable pieces. I haven't tried your method yet, but I'm having to take fewer of mine apart now. That crumb quilt is getting some paper pieced stars in its border, so I should have a lot of practice. I have always loved the look of flying geese, and I can't wait to get good at this so I can add some.

My coworker and I were just observing that if you're doing a good job with your teen, that they should rebel some-- even if it's just to hate your suggestions for what to wear.