New attachments

I have recently gotten two new buttonholers.  A friend picked up a slant shank buttonholer and shared it with me and I had sewing machine attachment lust over the one that Peter Lappin uses, so I had to get one of my own.


The Singer Professional on the right has more templates than any buttonholer I’ve ever seen.  It makes three different styles of buttonholes, each in multiple sizes. 

All my other buttonhole attachments use templates like the one on the lower right in the photo below.  I’m good with how they work and am not disappointed in my buttonholes.  I have machines that make buttonholes, but I think I get a better buttonhole out of these old fashioned buttonhole attachments, so even a garment pieced on a newer machine will be taken to an older machine with an attachment for the buttonholes.

The other attachment doesn’t use templates.  I want to experiment with setting my own distances and my own style and not being locked into what the templates will do. 


This is where sewing goes from a skill to a hobby.  For a skill, all I’d need is one good resource that would make a buttonhole.  My hobby leaves me wanting to try different things.  One way is never enough. 

This one just came in yesterday and it is very, very dirty.  It needs cleaning and oiling, but I already operated the mechanism by hand and it seems to work fine.  Next step; read the lengthy instructions. 

If this works out, there might be a couple extra buttonholers that use templates on ebay soon. 

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Peter Lappin said...

I'm excited for you, Lane. Good luck with it! (And let me know if you have any questions/problems).