A delay

Yesterday, I posted about my next project. But there's been a delay in that. Now, I have two small sections of the raffle quilt that came out the wrong size and need to be taken apart and put back together with the correct seam allowances.

That wasn't the plan, Stan.

My part was supposed to be done.

But I am ready to work on my own stuff again.

The other night, when I was leaving the Board meeting, one of the other members told me I'd learn to say no. That she had to learn to say no and I would too. It seemed such an odd comment from someone serving on a volunteer board. But I'm starting to think she was right.

Hey, did you hear about the Billy Graham family moving all their money because of that sweet and wonderful commercial that Wells Fargo did about the two Mommies?  The bank they moved the money to is one of the main supporters of Miami gay pride and the Miami gay pride celebration of same sex couples in long term relationships. I swear. It's true.

You can't pray the gay away, y'all. We're everywhere.

Every body have a great Wednesday. Go look for that commercial if you want a sweet tearjerker moment. Too sweet.



Anonymous said...

I continue to pray for the LGBTQ community as you struggle to become fully part of our culture and environment. The information on Bill Graham's family made me laugh as the joke is on them!

Keep on doing what you are doing. I enjoy reading the stories you write and encourage you to keep working with Syd.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! As someone once said "Don't let the idiots get you down!" Someday same sex marriage will be in all 50 states, the idiots are outnumbered!

Anonymous said...

I admire your fight. Can't pray it away...lol. Also can't pray away mental illness, abortion, uppity women, and black Americans. Hmmmm. Think I'll be moving my accounts to Wells Fargo. Here's something to think about: the modern 24-hour IT environment would not be possible without LGBTQ folk - they're the only ones with the freedom to work those odd hours. And guess what, employers know it.

Michael said...

My Wells Fargo shares closed at an all time high today. Fortunately the markets rarely listen to blowhards but look at data, which has a liberal bias. And I love your bog, although I don't quilt. Happy Pride month.

Michael said...

Or blog, or both.