Busy weekend

I did a lot of stuff this weekend, but the thing I'm happiest about is pushing through the stars for the raffle quilt.  I got the stars pieced a couple weekends ago and then put them together.  There's a whole tutorial being worked up about how I made points match that didn't want to match.  I tried something and it worked.  And, it was so easy.  And, it worked more than once.

I also spent as much time out in the yard as I could.  This daylily bloomed for me while I was out there.  When I started, it was still closed.  But, by the time I was ready to go in, it was beautiful

And, we got the first bloom from a daylily named Charlene's Patio.

I also did some hand quilting.  There's another post in the planning, not so much a tutorial as "things I've learned about hand quilting that I can share" kind of post.  Things that would have helped me relax when I was learning to hand quilt, and even when I was starting this project and decided that it was going to be heavily quilted.  I'm on the fourth feather.  Whoo-hoo!

Remember that sharp needle I accidentally picked up the other day?  Well, it was starting to soften in the middle and bend, so I went in search of a brother for it.  I tested a whole lot of sharps before I found the package that one came out of.  One thing I was reminded of is that size is relative to manufacturer because a size 10 from one company was not the same as a size 10 from another.  But, these are Richard Hemming and Son needles, sharps, size 10.  They have a nice length, and are sturdy enough to stack some stitches on, and they slide through that cotton batting like butter.  I've used about a half the package I bought several years ago... and I need to go in search of more.  They will not last like a between for hand quilting.  But, they more than make up for it in ease.  I'll save those betweens for when I'm hand quilting through wool or poly.

Everybody have a great Monday.  Syd's first Monday off school.  Enjoy it kiddo... tomorrow, there will be chores.


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Anonymous said...

Please share your tutorials with us over here in Scotland! By the way, the day lilies look gorgeous. We are having our first day of a wee bit of warmth and the garden is finally coming to life…..