Well, there's good news...but there's also bad news

New thunderstorms this morning.  Flickering lights, lightening, nearby.  We'll see if I can keep internet access long enough to post this. 

I pulled out the center star this morning and laid it out on a clean sheet to measure and stretch it to the right size.  The good news is that there is no need to stretch.  It is the right size.  A perfect 48 1/2".


Except on one side...


Okay, that's not the real word I used, but it will have to do... my Mother reads this blog, after all.

And, wanna know the really weird part?  You can see where I made the mistake. 

Look how much wider the horizontal white inset strip is than the vertical one.  And, can someone tell me exactly how I made that mistake? 

But, you wanna know what?  It's nearly done.  And, I did it.  And, this is the worst the worst mistake I've made so far. 

I can live with that!

Everybody have a great Friday.  I have the day off.  If the rain stops, Sydney needs a haircut.  And, I need new clothes.  But, mostly, I have a to-do list as long as my arm (that I've already knocked three things off of) and now I've added some seam ripper work to that.  And, I'm already having fun.

If the rain keeps up, I'm not going anywhere.

Now, how did I manage to be off 3/8 inch???



lw said...

Maybe the ruler or the rotary cutter slipped? But once it's fixed, it'll be perfect.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Way too much math for me. I think it looks perfectly beautiful!

Carla said...

LOL my eye didn't even catch but then I'm the one who thought I was finished with my daughters queen size quilt and was ready to put the binding on when I realized I had failed horribly.
It was to short and narrow. Creative fix. I'm adding another border by the method of quilt as you go. Sucks but it's working.

Your star looks awesome to me.