Diagonal lines

I'm making a quilt that has lots of diagonal seams.  You guys know that I'm lazy, so I wanted to find the easiest way to do this.  I really hating drawing all those diagonal lines, and then sewing along the line, so when I found this method, I was hooked.

I took a post-it and drew a diagonal line on it, from corner to corner.  I've also used a piece of tape.  It kind of depends on the shape of the feed dogs.  Tape holds better, but the point of a post it will fit between feed dogs, right up to the needle.

I took the two bricks and made a mark to indicate an intersection.  You don't need this if you're working from squares.  Then, I lined the pieces up so they formed an L

I lined the pencil mark up with the needle, and keeping the opposite diagonal corner on the pencil line, I get a perfect diagonal line along the block, so long as I don't let it waver left or right. 

It works very nicely and I think it's much easier than marking the whole line on every block.  That tiny little mark I make is so much easier than what I'd have to do to draw the line.

Everybody have a great Friday.  It's another day in paradise... except it's hot as another place here.  Probably wouldn't be so bad, but all that rain has left the earth saturated and that is starting to evaporate.  But, the garden is lush and beautiful.  And, I can see it from the windows on the back of the house... in the air conditioning.



lw said...

What a cool idea! I'll try this today.

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Gina said...

Great idea, I'll have to try this next time I'm making a load of flying geese, although being lazy like you I normally foundation piece them