The Gnomes get paint

We all really enjoy the Gnome garden.  It's one of those things that is never finished and has become a collection.  We're always looking for things in the right scale to add. 

The house is an old birdhouse that my Mom gave me many years ago.  I think it came with a bird feeder.  It was weathered gray wood.  So, I cleaned and sanded it and primed it white... and then I got creative.

The door is painted on the house, but the door frame is cut from a very thin piece of bass wood and glued to the house.  The window is the bird's entry.  I just added the little crossbeams to make it more window like and to keep birds from actually nesting in it... not that a bird ever nested in it in all the years it was outside.  But, make it pretty, and who knows...  I added the chimney...because I could.

I got creative with the back, too.  Couldn't resist.  I don't know if anybody will ever see the back.  But, if they do, it will be cute, too.  All that is painted on. I wasn't up for cutting all that and adding it.

Of course, when I was reading up on Gnomes, I found that gnomes live underground, so I guess this is more of a fairy guesthouse in the gnome village. Oh, well.

It stopped raining long enough for me to work in the yard a few hours on Saturday.  The yard is soggy, but starting to dry.  There is no rain in the forecast for this week.  The lake is 70% full.  The aquifers are filling with water.  It's been a drought changer.  I sure hope it's an ender, but who knows.

This daylily is Bernina.  It's Syd's favorite.  And, it sure is a pretty one. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  It's going to be a long day, ending in a guild business meeting.  Oh, well.  No more rest for the weary.


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lw said...

The birdhouse looks cheerful, it's a good size for the gnome garden.

Sidney's bloom is really elegant, it reminds me of the gowns Ginger Rogers used to wear to dance with Fred Astaire.