Next project

I am looking for my next project.  I've fulfilled my commitments to the Guild raffle quilt.  I've delivered the baby quilt.  My big 2015 project is a block of the month, so it won't be finished til end of year.  I don't have anything new waiting in the wings that I'm excited about... and I know how unusual that is for a quilter. 

And, I'm in the mood to quilt.  So, I'm thinking about quilting this feathered star quilt.  Yes, I know I've said that before...

Bad photo, I know.  But, it's a lovely green feathered star quilt that was started as a baby quilt.  But, it's too big.  And, it's too green.  And, it just didn't fit the baby's family that it was originally made for.  So, that baby got a different quilt that everyone was happier with and this one sat in my studio, in the UFO pile, just waiting for me to tackle it. 

I have the yellow thread.  I have enough leftover fabric to piece a back.  I even know what I'm going to quilt in it... think feathers... tons of feathers.  A boa of feathers, exploding out of the center.

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic.  But, you get the idea. 

Now, to find the time to sit down and start marking. 

That's what has kept me from starting this one.  All of it has to be pre-marked.  That means making drawings to fit, and then tissue paper copies of those drawings.  And, then the part where I actually sit down and make yellow bobbins and get started. 

That's the hard part.

Joen Wolfram wanted a photo of this quilt, finished, to use as an example of a quilt made from three adjacent colors from her color wheel.  That was over a year ago...I bet she's forgotten that now.  That was one of those strike while the iron is hot moments that I missed. 

I brought it to class as an example of a monochromatic quilt, but she showed me how it is really three very close shades of green, the names of which I can't remember now.  But, even with three adjacent shades from the color wheel, it's still an unusual quilt.  You don't often see that.  And, less often do you see it work as well as this one did.

I was able to do it by picking the right print... that polka dot print, which had the background shade of green and two other shades of green; a lighter and a darker.  I just picked up fabrics in those two other shades of green and went to town.

Anyway, it's very summery and the more I've sat here and written about it, the more excited I've gotten.  Why do I always do that to myself when it's time to go to work??? 

Anticipay-ay-tion, it's making me wait....

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I just found out that a friend is going to Hawaii for a year.  She's so lucky.  And, I'm going to miss her so much.  We aren't sit and visit for coffee friends.  But, we're friends that share something more than just an acquaintance.  Not long after she started reading this blog, she walked up and hugged me and said she really appreciated how I write and what I have to say.  It really touched me.  I'll never meet so many of you, so to have someone look me in the eye and tell me she thought I was special made me feel real good. She may not even remember.  But, it's one of those moments that will stay with me for a long time.



lw said...

Don't forget your promise to Joen, she'll want the photo regardless. It's a lovely, subtle quilt.

I'm vicariously sharing your excitement. Seems like there's so much going wrong around here lately that it's swamping my ability to enjoy simple creativity and the joy of seeing the right colors bring a quilt to life.

Lakegaldonna said...

Mmm, mint julep or feathered melon come to mind when looking at this great quilt.