The first interview

Sydney has her first interview this morning.  Rob had an "in" at a fast food restaurant, and he did what he does, and she had a pre-interview yesterday, and an interview this morning.  There's a good chance the kid could get a job. 

And, oh, my, but that means so much change in our lives.  And, I am sure that it's okay for me to be anxious about that.  I cannot be the first.

One of the good things about this job is it's for the afternoon shift, so hopefully, no late night picking her up after shift.  And, it will get her out of here and expose her to a whole different group of people; people that didn't have the opportunities she does, that will hopefully inspire her to take her educational opportunities a bit more seriously. 

From this page to God's ears...

She's nervous.  She asked me for a ride to the interview this morning, but I offered to wait and bring her home after (we are having more storms here), but she doesn't want that.   She wants the ride there, but she wants to take the bus home. 

And, I can be okay with that because I have to. 

All I've wanted is for her to grow up.   So, why is it so hard to let her, now that she's trying??????

Rhetorical question.  I know exactly why.

One of the things I got done this weekend was putting together the Texas Braid quilt, a pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

This quilt took years.  First, it's not a good leader/ender, which is what I planned it for.  The rows get big, quick, so you can't piece on it between other things.  Or, at least I couldn't.  And, it's not all that exciting.  It's doing the same thing, over and over and over again. 

And, after you've done all the pieces for a row, you end up with a row that's 6" wide.  That's not very wide for the effort it took.

But, it's done now. And I just need to find the right red border, and then it can be finished.

And, then, I'm picking something else out of that same book to make.  Because I really need to get more scrap quilts made.  QUICK!  After I cleaned the sewing studio the last time, I had to concede that I've let my scraps get out of control again.  And, the only reason is that I wasn't making quilts out of them.  The only reason to do all that work is to get to use them for exciting quilts.  And, I wasn't doing any of that.

Everybody have a great Monday!  Wish the kid luck!  And, worst case scenario, she gets interview practice.

See ya'.  Lane


http://thankfullga447 said...

I am happy Sydney has an interview, I wish my grand daughter would get a job - her excuse she has cheer practice 4 hours a day and then camp for a week.

lw said...

Good luck, Sydney! I hope she gets it, it's good to get a paycheck, though the amount of money the government takes out is always hard to adjust to and the first paycheck has some serious sticker shock on it.

I love that braided quilt! And the right red border will set it off and make it even warmer looking.

Denise R said...

I love hearing about your daughter. I have 4 kids (3 three daughters), and I see our family in many of your struggles. It is a difficult job making them into upstanding young adults, but the effort is well worth it. She may not thank you now for all of your efforts, but she will, and it will be wonderful to hear.

Lakegaldonna said...

Good luck to Syd. I'm not really sure if I'm rooting for her to get the job as sometimes it's a good teaching tool to not get the first one.
But, it really would be good for her to get that job, make a little money, meet new people, have different expectations from her other than from her parents. Go get em Syd!

Rebecca Grace said...

Good luck to Sydney, and your Texas Braid quilt is GORGEOUS!! I know what you mean about projects that get monotonous. I'm feeling that way about my pineapple log cabin. Only 14 blocks finished and I'm starting to feel like a quilting robot. I am going to have to work in other, smaller projects between these pineapple blocks to preserve my sanity!

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