Another enabler…ugh, I mean, inspirer

Who else follows Tim Latimer at Timquilts?  If you’re not, you should.  He does totally inspirational hand quilting.  And, he loves to buy that awful quilt top and take it apart and put it back together and turn it into a beauty.  Ya gotta enjoy somebody that can see the beauty in the folds and wrinkles.

Well, we went to a quilt show on Saturday and I’m not ready to show quilt pics yet, but we also did some antique shopping before the show.  And, a couple fun things came home with me.

One was this quilt top.  It was the cheapest one in the store.  There were lots of beautiful, vintage quilts, but they were very, very expensive. 

And, when we unfolded this, we saw why.


This is one end.  Two scallops maybe?  The top of a heart?  I don’t know.  But, it’s a weird shape and it’s got to go.


And, this is the other end.


What???  A point?

Anyway, there’s way too much pink border sewn around the edges…like several inches too much, so that will need to be removed and then I can square up the top and put some of that border back on.  (It gives a new meaning to easing extra fabric in)  Then, I’ll likely add another fun, wider border around that and I’d like to hand quilt it.  It’s a large lap size; maybe a twin, but with those weird ends, who can tell.  Not sure why the quilter cut all those blocks off to make the side edges.  That seems wasteful.  Maybe two quilters made this.  We will never know.

I also picked up these birds in the air blocks.  At least 13 of them are birds in the air.  I’ll take the 14th apart and turn it into a birds in the air. 


I love birds in the air blocks.  These were filthy and had to be washed and that’s when I noticed that some could use significant re-work, so now that they’re clean, I’m taking a few apart and recutting and remaking them. 

I also picked up two bags of scraps at the guild boutique. 

Homespun scraps:


And, these triangles.  These aren’t square.  Maybe that’s why they were only fifty cents for a whole bag of them.  Sewn together, they will make half triangle rectangles, otherwise known as a border for a good sized quilt. 


Okay, so that’s it for me today.  I’m off to work.  While I’m doing hand work on the silk quilt, I pulled out the Indian Orange Peel quilt.  I don’t know what I was thinking last time I worked on it, but significant sections of it need re-quilting.  (I musta lost my mind!)  Anyway, the pressure is on to be ready for the quilt show in mid September.  Tonight, I need to put the orange peel in the floor and do a hard assessment.  So far, I’ve just found blocks that had to be ripped and re-done, but I need to know just how much work I’m looking at before I do any more of that. 

Be well.  Lane


Lakegaldonna said...

I like your fun fabric finds!
I too also follow Tim Latimer. Isn't his work awesome? The one he is working on now I would have never taken on. Now it's nearly all quilted and is beautifully flat. I wouldn't have envisioned that it could be done.
Thanks for all that you share in your blog Lane.

Kay said...

Lane I love reading your blog! I learn so much.
I recently found Tim's blog. I'm very inspired and motivated by what he does. He's amazing!

Kath said...

Lane, you just like making order out of chaos :-)

Anonymous said...

You do such wonderful work and do it so well, and have so many started. Maybe you can retire soon and go into the quilting business. Take care and good luck with the Orange Peel. Really want to see it and most of all the silk one. lum

Tim Latimer said...

I love that pink "scalloped edge' quilt top!
It will be a real beauty once you work it into shape