The July Civil War Block

On Sunday, Barbara Brackman released the next Civil War block.  I have to say, I was intimidated by the curves.  The four corners are drunkard’s path blocks.  But, it went together pretty easy.  I should have been more careful with the brown quarter square triangles.  The green tips were supposed to line up with the drunkard’s path blocks, and I didn’t work hard enough on that.  But, I’m still satisfied with the block.  If you don’t read Barbara’s instructions, you won’t know it’s wrong. 


Here they are, all together.  Needs more blue.  The next block will be either blue or pink to balance out some of the green and brown.


Sorry if the above link doesn’t get you to Barbara’s post.  I always have the devil of a time linking her stuff in, and this month was particularly difficult. 

If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably used to me griping about the Kodak software that came with my camera.  I hate it.  But, I wasn’t doing anything about it.  This week, I’ve started abandoning it; moving my pictures out of it.  But, it’s like it knows I’m trying to kill it and it keeps making it difficult.  But, I’m persevering.  In the meantime, I get to look at old pictures and marvel at how things have changed. 

Quilting proceeds on the show quilts.  I just keep plugging away at it, and like The Little Engine That Could, I keep seeing progress.  Right now, I’m pulling out quilting that was put in with bad tension.  Monofilament thread is very unforgiving of tension problems.  You can’t see them, but if you run your hand over a place with bad tension, it feels like sandpaper.  So, the seam ripper and I are getting re-acquainted.  The worst part is having to draw more tissue paper templates of the quilting design.  I’m not so fond of prep work.

Be well.  Have a great Thursday.  It’s supposed to rain here.  Whoooeeeee!  Rain at the end of July.  Free Water!


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Elizabeth said...

It rained here twice this week. Enough to fill my birdbath, which is a lot for the desert. I love summer rain.

I vote blue for the next Civil War block. Love your greens, though, too.

xo -E