Well, I spent yesterday writing the text that will print on the little placards that go with my quilts in the show.  I got two of the entry forms submitted today.  One more to go.

We have a name for the Indian Orange Peel quilt, The Point is the Points.  In the write up, I tell about my Mentor challenging me to make the quilt and how my skills weren’t up to it and I would work on it a while, then put it aside and learn a new skill, then pick it up again.  I also talked about how my Mentor and I made the same pattern, using much of the same fabric. 

And, we have a name for the silk quilt…A Place for Life to Happen.  The pics were better than I thought, you just have to blow them up to see the detail.  This should be “click-able”. 


In my write up about this one, I talked about wanting to find an original subject for a silk whole cloth quilt and that I couldn’t think of a better subject than our home, where we live and where I create.  I also talked about my technique because everyone always has questions. 

The back.  Almost requested that they hang this one with both sides displayed.  I love the backs of my quilts.  I usually make bold color choices on the back that I wouldn’t make on the front.  It’s good practice. 


I have one more quilt to submit. 

Oh, and the little succulent vignette I showed yesterday?  Well, enjoy that because it has to be moved.  Too much sun.  Late yesterday, I took an old umbrella out and covered it for some shade, but I don’t think that’s a long term solution. 

And, I need to start a baby quilt.  It feels like I have too much going on to even think about it.  But, making baby quilts is all about having fun; babies expect so little from their binkies, so I just need to get started on it.  Who knows.  There might even be something pieced in the pile of UFO’s, but I hate to do that.  I like to think about the baby and the parents while I make a baby quilt. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  Lane


Lakegaldonna said...

I like the quilt names that you have chosen, they fit so well.

Hazel said...

I just love your quilts ,there both amazing , you are truly an artist

lindaroo said...

The silk picture is amazing. The many details are so clear!
I have a few baby quilts made and set aside, but I can't give them as gifts because of that same reason: I like to make something specifically and thoughtfully for the recipient. I'll soon donate the reserved quilts, I think.

Elizabeth said...

Your silk quilt is gorgeous! Make room for another ribbon ;).

I know about having too much going on to think about. I should be at work, but I'm about 40 minutes away from being ready. Blergh. Another day another dollar, right? And time to quilt where we can squeeze it in.

xo -E

Barb H said...

Yeah, I think the silk house quilt will bring home a ribbon for sure. You've done an amazing job on it.

Anonymous said...

Love love love that whole cloth. Very talented and impressive. Thanks from this frequent reader for all the sharing you do.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I see ribbons

lw said...

The quilt show ladies may decide for themselves that they need to show both sides of your silk quilt; I would.

These photos are pretty good-- but you still haven't said which show these will be in. If it's Houston, I may be lucky enough to see them, I'm trying to get there so I can see the Star Quilt.

Sharlene said...

That silk is GORGEOUS!! This is the first time I've been able to clikc and see the close up detail. If it doesn't take home some sort of award I'll be astonished.