Entry 3

Well, entry 3 for the Austin Area Quilt Guild Show, here in Austin, isn’t submitted yet.  Having trouble with this one.  Actually, the truth is that I was too busy at work yesterday to think about names or descriptions.

Entry 3 is the Heron Moon quilt that I made in a class in January that was offered through the guild.  And I made sure it is okay to enter things made in classes in the show. 


I really like this quilt and since I’ve been thinking about entering it, I’ve been thinking about what my next thread painting should be. 

We saw some lovely barns in Arkansas.  I’m feeling inspired to re-create one of those in thread.  I just have to get all our pictures together and see who got the best barn picture. 

There’s just something about those old gray wood barns, still standing after years and years, often abandoned, and beautifully set into the side of a mountain. 

But, that’s a project for another day.  I have plenty of stuff to work on right now. 

I’ve been working on my first guild presentation.  It’s for the guild in Georgetown.  The talk is about my vintage machines and how I use them in quilting.  If I say all the stuff I’ve written down so far, we’ll be there all night, so I have to narrow the focus of my presentation to the machines, the tools that make them do the wonderful things they do, and a few of the quilts I’ve produced with them.  The plan is to show a photo of the machine on the overhead and briefly tell where the machine came from and then talk about what it will and won’t do and how I’ve gotten it to do some things by making adjustments, then show a picture of a quilt I made with that machine.

Anyway, that’s the plan.  I’ll probably stand up and stammer and say “um” fifteen thousand times.  (Okay, so one of my readers coordinated this gig for me.  Don’t worry Nena.  I’m sure I’ll stutter out something.)  My greatest fear is not that I’ll run out of things to say.  I certainly know the subject.  My fear is that the things I say that are meant to be funny will not be funny. 

That’s weird, huh? 

Everybody have a great Wednesday.  The kid is cleaning our room; dusting the walls and ceiling, fans, furniture, artwork, vacuuming the curtains.  Yesterday, she did half.  It was soooooo nice to walk into that clean, lemon scented room last night.  I’m going to miss this when school starts.


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Anonymous said...

Not weird. Understandable. Funny to one, not funny to another. Still, worth the effort as the payback is special.