Decisions and corrections

Let’s start with the last one first…

I messed up where my first speaking gig is.  Oops!  Better now than the night I show up in the wrong town, huh?  I’m speaking at the Main Street Quilt and Thread Guild in Round Rock, TX (not Georgetown).

I have my outline prepared.  But, it’s vague.  I’m going to depend on my natural wit and humor to get me through this one.  And, a little subject knowledge. 

I also need to print more calling cards to take with me.   

The Heron quilt won the decision on which quilt to enter. 


It’s the one that will be in the show. 


Today, I have to make three decisions.  Which side is front and which side is back?  What is the quilt name?  And, what do I want on the placard?  The last two depend on each other.  I like to name a quilt something and then tell why I picked that name in the placard…working name so far is Old Bird, New Tricks and the placard would talk about taking the class and it being my first class in a long time and only my second class ever and about how much I learned from it and how much I enjoyed the fellowship.

I think I’m taking the afternoon off today.  I could use a few hours at home, at the sewing machine.  I have to cut the edge off the silk quilt, A Place for Life to Happen (I need to keep using that name until it sticks in my head).  Cutting a quilt like that always makes me nervous; what if I drop the rotary cutter on it and whack a hole in the middle of it, or what if my edges aren’t straight and square…well, you get it.  It’s stressful to get near the end and have to do something as drastic as cut.  But, I can’t bind the thing if I don’t cut it down to the finished size.  I’m going to do a knife edge binding by cutting the batting about a half inch inside the front and back fabric and fold the fabric over so that both sides end in a folded edge, and there is no additional piece of fabric added for a binding.  The judge at the last show called that a difficult binding (and said I had executed it well), so I sure as heck plan to do that again.  After it’s closed up, I can quilt all the way up to that edge.  Closing it up is done by hand, so I plan to pull out the Indian Orange Peel quilt The point is the points and load the black thread in and try to finish the quilting on it.  It’s sooooo close.  I think I’m over my burnout with it. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  Tomorrow is bee.  I need to start a baby quilt for parents that don’t want to know the gender.  Don’t they have any idea how inconvenient that is??? 



lindaroo said...

Your name for the heron quilt really catches my attention; I think it's perfect. I really like placards on quilts that tell a story, and even instruct a little.
I am imagining how nerve-wracking it would be to cut your silk quilt! Take a slow, deep breath!

Anonymous said...

Lane, your natural charm, knowledge and willingness to share will allow your light to shine and enlighten!


lw said...

I made a quilt for a coworker who knew it was a girl, but requested "no pink or purple, because all children should have a rainbow of colors to chose from." So I made a rainbow quilt for her little one, with modern owl fabric on the back in the same bright vibrant rainbow colors.