Sample from a quilt show

I started trying to pick quilts from the New Braunfels show we attended on Saturday.  It was such a great show, I can’t pick quilts to feature.  So, I picked just a few to show here. 

First is the best of show quilt.  Okay, so it deserved it. 

Look at the quilting.


The one below was the first quilt we saw when we entered the room.  You know it’s going to be a good show if this is the first one.


I love feathered star quilts. 


Not sure you can see it, but they’ve outlined every county in the state of Texas with quilting in this one.  It was really cool.  I saw this repeated in a couple other quilts in the show. 


Normally, I’m not drawn to grey combinations…

But, look at the phenomenal quilting!


Of course there was a Roll, Roll Cotton Boll from Bonnie Hunter.


Love the colors in this next quilt.  Such a country look and feel.

Flag bargello. 


City skyline…


made with all shirt plaids…true masculine love for this one. 


Did I mention I love feathered star quilts?


This was a stunning quilt…

And fabulous quilting.


Okay, enough.  I could just keep posting beautiful pictures, but that should be enough to give you incentive to get to next year’s show for this guild if you’re anywhere near the area.  They are a talented bunch of quilters, indeed!

Everybody have a great Wednesday. 



Becky said...

Loved them all! Thanks for sharing!

lw said...

The skyline with the men's clothing fabrics is exactly what I love about quilting. The whole is so much greater than the sum of the pieces.