Pulling the presentation together

Last night, we did more photo shoot.  I didn’t take pictures, so you’ll just have to envision it.  We had to re-take the two that were “lost” by the photographer…uh-uhmmmm.  And, there was a machine that got skipped on Sunday.  All that had to be pulled out, set up, broken down and put back away.  Going forward, any new machines will be photographed, with an appropriate background, for identification purposes upon their arrival.  Trying to take pictures of them all in one go has been a tribulation.

And, then, we got down to the hard part.  Feet.  Fortunately, I pretty much knew what I wanted, but you have to envision Sydney and I sitting crosslegged in the floor, taking pictures of these staged sets of feet, Rob standing over us with a light.  About as professional as a family photo shoot can get. 

First, there were all the piecing feet and tools I use to help me get the right seam allowance.  Then, there were all the quilting feet…I own a LOT of feet.  And, then there was a staged photo of tools that make it easier to use vintage machines, like my Supreme Slider and and Grip & Stitch pads and gloves and all the accoutrement.  These were close up shots.  Sydney’s camera was an inch or two from some of the shots to get something clear.  And, sometimes, she’d take the shot and then I’d move stuff around after a preview and she’d have to take it again.

It was all very tedious for a 16 year old that just wants to be done, but she was a real trooper.  And, today, I’m paying her to put the preliminary slide show together.  I gave her good instructions, but she keeps insisting she did lots of presentations last year and got A’s and B’s on them.  I ended by reminding her I would want to make changes at the end, I’m sure, and that isn’t a bad thing.  It’s a collaborative effort.

I’ll leave you with a link to a video.  It’s a drive into downtown Eureka Springs that we filmed while we were there.  It’s kind of fun.  We’re just being us. 

Have a great Thursday.  Rob brought home a Lemon Pie last night.  I’ve been very good at dieting since vacation.  But he’s not helping.



lw said...

Sydney's job with you is really good practice for an actual job. I'm proud of her for hanging in there and making sure your presentation is going to be great.

I've lost track of your machines-- how many do you have now? I've given away two of mine, and I've got two more going, so after those go, I'll only have seven and a serger. There's a two spool on ebay, and it's a beauty, but the minimum bid was $275, plus $44 shipping, so I'll wait for now.

Mmmmm...lemon pie...

Kath said...

I did enjoy your film, it all looks very different to England. It took me a moment to realise the cars were on the opposite side of the road to us!
I loved the bit right at the end when Syd went all shy, got behind her Dad and didn't want to smile (although she did in the end!).