Bad dreams and hard decisions

It’s not often that I remember a nightmare and even less frequent that I thrash and shout in my sleep. 

Last night was one of those nights.  It was a doozy of a nightmare, the kind you tell the therapist about, and Rob had to get up and come to my side of the bed to wake me.  I never really got back to sleep after. 

Saints preserve us from any more of that.

I haven’t entered that Heron quilt in the show yet.  Every time I open the entry form, I look up and see this, which isn’t quilted.


And, this, which is very nicely quilted.


And, I wonder if I shouldn’t enter something a little more complex than the Heron thread painting.

Life is full of hard decisions.  Can’t do anything about that.  And, before Saturday morning, this decision has GOT to be made.

But, let’s see if we can’t chase off that nightmare, okay? 

Have a great Thursday.  Lane


carla said...

Hi!!!! I had a doozie nightmare last week...one of those that seem like it is going all night long... I love your Heron Quilt!!!! Your thread painting is amazing!!!! Best Wishes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Both of these quilts are great, but, my vote goes to the Heron quilt. It is so different and the bird looks so real. We put up field corn Wed. Why don't you come and help? They plan to gather again on Sat. The estimate is 600 ears. We need all the help we can get. I know you don't have anything else planned! Haven't had a nightmare in a long time. Hope you don't have anymore. lum

lw said...

I love all of these quilts, and I think you should show all of them even if they don't make this show. The one that would make me stop and look most is probably the teeny flower basket, though.

I love fabric art and thread painting, but for some reason, they don't read as quilts to me and should probably have their own show and be hung in fine art galleries and sold as fine art. The quilt museum in Paducah is like that. Most of the quilts read as tapestries and I didn't connect to them as quilts at all. But I love fine art, too, and go to every museum I can. I guess I don't see enough similarity to actual make-to-use quilts and there is a distinction for me between necessary things that are made beautiful by our need for beauty in our daily lives and things which are beautiful for beauty's sake that are not household items (like blankets/rugs/dishes/towels, etc.)