That time, again?

Well, it’s Independence Day and that means it’s time for me to pull out my red, white, and blue UFO and work on it. 


Poor thing. 

I just lost my motivation.  So much so that I couldn’t work in red, white and blue until this year. 

I can’t remember how long ago I started it.  And, I’m not sure it will ever get finished. 

But, every year, without fail, I pull it out and I work on it during the Independence Day holiday.

I inherited this as a UFO from my mentor.  The very center was supposed to be a diamond shaped collar, ala 1980’s and she couldn’t remember why she never finished it.  I reworked it and closed it up and started to add to it.  First more reds, then I took reds out of the center and put in blues and added the corners, each with their blue diamond.  And, then the border started.  The idea is to finish it with a gold border all the way around. 

I tried to pull it out on Memorial Day, on the theory that I would work on it from one holiday to the next.  A month.  And, I might just get it finished.  But, I need to cut more paper hexies and more fabric hexies and it all just seemed like so much that I folded it back up and put it away. 

My commitment this year is to get the rest of the hexies cut and start some basting.  If I get more done than that, great.  That means the next time I’m motivated, everything will be ready and maybe I’ll finish it then. 

Or, having admitted my shame that it is still a UFO, maybe I’ll finish it this time.  Goodness knows I could use a break from my crocheted doily…Jeez, I don’t understand how that was such a popular hobby.  Talk about small, detailed, close up work. 

Everybody have a great Holiday.  Remember what it’s all about. 

I wonder what would happen if people got as excited about elections as they do about the World Cup.



LuAnn said...

Hi Lane. I have been glue basting my hexagons since I took a workshop with Sue Daley when she came here to Indiana. She uses the Sew Line glue pen, but I've been using the Elmer's washable glue and it works just fine. It's a great project with a lot of work; hope you finish it someday.

lw said...

Not sure what it is about some projects that we get bogged down. LuAnn's glue method sounds interesting, though.

Any chance you can get your assistant to cut hexies for you? This quilt top is so pretty, it'd be good to see it finished. Plus, I'd like to know how you'd quilt it.

Anonymous said...

I think the rw&b quilt is gorgeous. Please finish it. You will be so proud of yourself.
Could you hire the housekeeper to help? Have a happy and safe week-end. We will be here. Dad has a sinus infection and is under the weather. Everyone else going to lake. lum

Rebecca Grace said...

That's so cool that you have a special quilt that you only work on during Independence Day holidays! Just think what a cool collection of memories are getting stitched into that quilt. This is reminding me of something, maybe that Four Weddings and a Funeral movie? The idea of a story being told just through snapshots from one holiday through the years. Anyway, it's beautiful. Happy Independence Day!