Closing up the quilt

It’s time for an update on A Place for Life to Happen (fondly known as this year’s silk quilt).  I’m out to the final border section, and I want to quilt all the way to the edge, without adding a binding fabric.


I call this a knife edge, because that’s how it’s described in pillow making.  In quilting, a knife edge is usually gotten by “birthing” the quilt.  (got that from Eleanor Burns and she didn’t know why it’s called that).  Birthing a quilt is putting right sides together, with the batting on the outside, sewing around three edges, and then turning it right side out.  Then, close up the last edge and quilt.

Well, if I’d done that and then quilted this quilt, I would have had no control over the straightness of the edges.  The quilting itself would have distorted the fabric and pulled it inward and changed the shape.  So, I waited until near the end. 

I did this by putting the quilt on the cutting table and cutting a straight line, 4 1/2” from the edge of the quilting.  (btw, only one of my quilted corners was not square…whoohooo)  Then, I folded back both layers of fabric and cut the batting 4” from the quilted edge.  I folded a half inch of the backing over the batting and basted it down.  Then, I folded a half inch of the front over and basted that down. 


Next step is to baste those two folded edges together, and then sew around the edge with tiny stitches. 

This morning, I was looking at it and wondering if I am going to too much trouble.  And, I decided no, not really.  I can go to as much trouble as I want, even if it means I’m up all night a few nights before the show. 

And, then I came up on the first corner and it wasn’t basted quite square and it was soooooo easy to fix that and get the edge just right.

And, I knew.  It’s not too much trouble at all.

Have a great Wednesday.  We had a very nice rain last night.  Free WATER!  I don’t think it rained once in the whole month of July last year.  Maybe our drought is nearing an end, even if the climate is still all messed up.



ga447 said...

You do all your beautiful quilting by machine not a long arm? You are amazing.

lw said...

That quilt is worth all of the trouble-- it's museum quality.

Anonymous said...

Your Grandmother (Nanny) would be so proud of what you do with fabric. Her specialty was the nine patch. Please bring this silk quilt when you next come. We are so proud of you.lum

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

the work you have done on this quilt..and all of your quilts...is stunning! can't wait to see the finished piece!!