The photo shoot

Yesterday, my whole family got involved in the photo shoot for my talk at Main Street Quilt and Thread Guild.  We needed to photograph all my machines. 


Every machine got staged against a quilt and Syd took the photos. 


We made a real mess in the house.


This was not the easy activity I thought it would be.  And, it took all day.  We somehow managed to miss a machine and I was just going to accept that, then Syd accidentally deleted two photos, so there will be a mini-shoot sometime soon. 

I spent most of Saturday piecing this baby quilt. 


The pattern is called little spinners.  Okay, so it isn’t my most beautiful quilt and I didn’t notice those two green blocks so near one another in the bottom row until I took the picture, but for what it’s supposed to be, it’s fine. 

It’s a baby gift for a couple I don’t know very well.  It’s so fine for that.  I pieced it out of 2.5” strips from my scrap bin.  Worked great and went together very fast.  I put the last border on, just before bedtime.

Okay, so that was our weekend.  The third quilt got entered in the show.  Today is the deadline for that.  I take my first official minutes at the guild meeting tonight and I have a show and tell that is also a donation to the Red, White and Blue quilt effort. 

Everybody have a great Monday. 



ga447 said...

Your presentation of your machines is going to be great. I wish I was there.

lw said...

Your presentation would make a great youtube video. Just sayin'.

And I like the baby quilt, it's very modern and happy.

Kath said...

yes I would enjoy that too, Lane. Nice to see you have a doggie helper, just like me :-)

Anonymous said...

The baby quilt is just right the way it is. Especially if you don't know which sex the baby will be. Explain about the red, white and blue quilt. Are you donating it? Sounds like a fun filled week-end. Especially if everyone helped get the house in order. lum

Anonymous said...

Go family activity!

Megan said...

To me, this is what love is: people who love you supporting you and demonstrating their love by getting involved in things that interest you, spending their leisure time to help you achieve something that's important to you. You are very loved Lane!

Sydney, Australia