Overpacking – a genetic defect?

I come from a line of overpackers.  When I was a kid and we went on vacation, we took everything we owned in case we needed it.  It was like Mr Hobbs takes a Vacation.

But, we always had whatever we needed. 

Later, we bought a travel trailer to make it easier to take all our stuff with us.  In fact, it meant we got to buy a second set of stuff, but it all had to be lightweight so it didn’t create a burden to tow.

Rob and I are also overpackers.  We fill every bit of space we can squeeze out of the bed of his truck when we go on vacation.  We take one of everything we own.

And, we always have whatever we need.

In addition to my powerpoint for tonight’s presentation at the Main Street Quilt and Thread Guild, I’m taking a few quilts to show that you can quilt on an older machine. 


With all this stuff in the car, Sydney may have to ride, strapped to the hood. 

Everybody have a great Tuesday.  I’ll let you know how my first speaking gig goes. 

I’m no longer worried about not being funny.  Now, I’m worried about forgetting everything I want to say, and being finished in seven and a half minutes. 



lindaroo said...

Surely they will want more than 7.5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Please let your man take a video of your talk! I would love to hear it.

Kath said...

yes I hope Rob can film you.
I had to smile, I am the complete opposite, I always worry about taking too much, so end up taking too little and running out of tees, socks and such.

Miss Priss Quilts said...

I was there, you were great!! Thanks for coming!!