A comedy of mistakes and some corrections and forward momentum

Last night, the weirdest thing happened.  For about a half hour, I couldn’t get anything to come out right.  First, I knocked a full glass of water onto the end table and floor and everything piled on them both.  Rob helped me clean that up.  Then, I decided I wanted to make a batch of popcorn for me to snack on for a couple days.  First, it got turned off before it finished popping.  Then, I couldn’t pour it into the paper bag I had selected.  Then, it started to burn.  Then, I poured it into a huge bowl, and spilt most of it into the sink.  Then, I put some in a baggie and some in a paper bag for Rob and Syd and I tried to rip the top off the bag so they wouldn’t have to reach way down into it and the whole bag ripped open and popcorn went everywhere in the kitchen and dining room. 

That one I cleaned up myself.  Thank goodness no one tried to help.

When we got in bed, Rob mentioned my string of mishaps and we laughed.  As he headed into the bathroom, I handed him my nearly empty glass of water and asked him to pour it out before I spilt it in the bed.  That sparked another round of laughter.

This morning was clean up day on the house quilt.  I had some lines that needed straightening and needed to put the tree branches in before I could draw in the shingle grid.  And, then I picked out some stitches and buried a whole lot of knots.  


All rather boring, with little progress to show.  Tortoise and the hare, you know.  So long as something is getting done…well, it’s something.

I pulled out my block that I volunteered to make for the guild boutique.  I really should have taken three or four. 


This is going to be so fast.  It’s a paper pieced log cabin block.  Now, I never would have thought to paper piece such a simple block, but I guess that’s how they’re going for consistency in size.  That’s fine.  They ask to leave the paper on (oh, it would be so much easier for the person to assemble if the papers were pulled for them.)  Anyway, I plan to do that this weekend so I can tuck it into my bag and it won’t get forgotten. 

Everybody have a great Friday.  I have a chore list as long as my arm for this weekend.  But, at least they’re all simple, quickly completed things.  Sunday, it is supposed to rain.  What a great day to quilt. 



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

LOl....I can hear ya laughing now!! That is the only way to deal with this...lol. I think you are doing great with your quilt. I couldn't imagine doing this; I guess I have a problem know what I want to quilt to start with...lol

lw said...

I sometime get clumsy like that when I'm really tired or when most of my mind is on something else and I'm forcing my way through the day.

I have a lot more trouble getting paper pieced blocks to come out the right side than I do with regular pieced blocks. Hope your weekend goes well.

Elizabeth said...

You can either laugh or cry. Crying gives you a headache, so I think laughing is the better alternative. Life is better when you don't take yourself too seriously.

xo -E