Great weekend, but I missed my family

That’s weird, huh?  Oh, well.  I’m weird.  Even though I was home on Saturday night for Dinner Out and a movie and popcorn at home, which is a tradition since Sydney came to us, and even though I spent Sunday morning puttering around with Rob and we had lunch together, and even though I would have spent about as much time alone in the sewing room or garden as I spent at class, I still missed having them around.  Asking a question, just when i was focused in on a point or something.  What’s for lunch?  Or something equally as mundane.  I hate that.  But, I missed it just the same.

Yesterday’s class was very relaxed.  Most people had started a new block, giving up on the block they started on Saturday and calling that one “practice”.  I made a new one, too, but I finished the one I started on Saturday, warts and all.

And, I’m glad I did.  When I taught, it was always the people who came to do something that were happy.  The people that came so they could walk away with something ended up disappointed.  And, that’s the word that spread. 

I went to Sally’s class to learn four buckets full of stuff and whether I walked away with a pincushion didn’t matter.  I don’t think that was true of everyone.  Some people expected to walk away with a pincushion just like Sally’s samples. 

I walked away happy, AND I got a pincushion. 


Most of the problem with it is in the piping.  That’s where my supplies and tools fell short.  Sally offered us 2 feet of “practice” piping from her stash and I used it for practice.  It was medium blue.  In retrospect, I should have used my hand made piping for the test and her piping for my cushion. 

Anyway, before I continue with the second one, I’ll get some appropriate cording to make the piping from, or buy some piping.


Not enough contrast in that second one, huh?  It may not even get finished.  Might just be a block.  But, you can expect to see more stuff in this size coming from my machine. 

First thing, a quilt for the dollhouse. 

Because everyone was relaxed yesterday and it was cloudy and rainy and the temperature in the class was better, there was lots of laughter and good mood that felt good.  I was glad to make a second block because it kept me there, enjoying the company and the hum of machines. 

Over the weekend, the house quilt did proceed.  Here you can see the tree filled in on the right side. 


I looked out the kitchen window on Saturday, before I started the tree, and I was thinking, what does bark look like?  I started studying the tree in the back yard  and while I stood there, I saw it.  The filler for the tree is jagged lines, like streaks of lightening that children draw.  Touching. 


This morning, I drew the grid on one section of roof for the shingles. 


Constant and steady progress.  That’s how the turtle beat the hare. 

I need a few consecutive hours to quilt that roof.  I’m not sure I can leave it for the day and pick it up in the same frame of mind and unfortunately, when it comes to background filler, frame of mind is the name of the game for me to be consistent.

Tonight is guild.  I need to find a show and tell. 

Have a great Monday.  Lane


lw said...

I completely understand about missing folks even though they're there when you're too focused.

There's precision in the new lower contrast block. I like the original, light blue piping and all.

The bark looks really good. Now I'm wondering how you'll do the roof.

Elizabeth said...

I was thinking about this yesterday. I have a small "office" where my computer and all the junk we don't know what to do with gets stacked. And I have a little sewing corner in the kitchen. I keep thinking I ought to clean out and organize the little room and sew in there. But I like being out in the common area of the house, interruptions and all. So I get what you're saying.

The wholecloth is coming along beautifully. I love the texture you used for the tree bark.

xo -E