All he said was lol

You know you’ve got a good one when his only response to the following text is LOL.


I accidentally bought a sewing machine


And, it really was an accident.  And, testament to the fact that I cannot resist a $20 sewing machine.  Parts on a sewing machine are worth more than $20 and I’m really good at getting the actual machine back into serviceable condition and haven’t had to sell one off for parts yet. 

This time, it was an Elna Supermatic.  I saw it in the morning, did  a quick research, found out the most common problem, read reviews, learned about the machine and the company and I bid $21.51.  And, I won.  The shipping was more than the machine…although I think I got cheated on the shipping, but I’m happy enough with the machine to let that go to the universe to reconcile.

Main attraction?  Color.

See the silver metal bar folded up against the machine?  That’s a knee control.  No pedal.  I actually like that and Sydney was fascinated and couldn’t wait to try the machine.

Dare I hope she will decide to sew?


Love the green.  And, this machine was made in the same time period as my Grandmother’s Singer 15-91, but technologically, it’s miles ahead, using cams to create decorative and zig-zag stitches. 


I already bought my first cam.  The machine only came with the zig-zag cam and I bought a blanket stitch.


The cam cost a dollar and offered free shipping.  I feel like I’ve gotten in on a well kept secret.  These machines are cheap, but they’re supposed to be pretty good.


The tension is built into the nose cone of the machine and it’s going to take some getting used to threading, but eventually I won’t need the manual anymore.

The machine case folds down to a convenient extension bed.


Please note that I have not started cleaning the case and it is as dirty on the outside as the machine was when I opened it.  There was tape residue everywhere.  This extension bed was hard to put on the machine, so I probably am doing something wrong or something is bent and I wasn’t ready to try to force it and scratch any paint. 

The whole thing is aluminum.  The machine, at 13 pounds, weighs two pounds more than a featherweight.  The case feels heavier than the machine.  Together, 31 pounds for shipping.

The seller described it as “not too loud”, but when I plugged it in and gave it the juice, it sounded like a volkswagen without a muffler.  The handwheel skipped and jumped and things wouldn’t turn. 

I brought out the oil bottle and started bathing, first the places indicated by the owners manual, which I printed for free off the internet, and then any place I saw metal moving.  And, slowly, it got quieter.  It took a while to clean out all the lint from the feed dogs.  Cheap machines are always dirty.  And, the bobbin case had surface rust that a cotton swab and some oil took right off.  It’s quieter, but it’s not as quiet as my Grandmother’s 15-91.

Unfortunately, I value quiet over many other features of a machine, so the 15-91 keeps pride of place in the sewing room for piecing.  But, I’ll keep working on the Supermatic. 

Hey, it gives me something else small to take to classes and bee.  Another novelty. 

And, it’s cheaper than collecting shoes.

This morning, I pieced the corner sections for the mini quilt. 


At first I was nervous about the change in background color, but I’m feeling pretty good about that now, after walking in on the quilt a few times with these pieces in place and the more I see it, the less jarring it feels.

Be well.  Have a great friday.  It’s Rob’s b-day weekend and he has asked to go hear a band.  I love life music and Austin is the live music capital of the world, or, so we say.  So, it should be a good one.



Erika said...

Oh my God, you got an old ELNA machine. I inherited exactly the same from my mother.My parents bought it I think in 1955/56.My mother was sewing her whole life a lot on this machine.I loved the stitches when I was a child.It is a little bit tricky to install the case to get a "table" for working.I have several cams/discs for beautiful stitches,they came with the machine.I have little problems with the knee control,because normally I am sewing with a pedal.Do you see the little holes for oil all over the machine?My mother gave oil every time she began to sew.Sorry for my bad English, but I was really surprised to see my old ELNA.Now I am sitting at my Laptop and when I look left there she is in her heavy case! Best wishes from Vienna/Austria Erika.

lw said...

Congratulations on the great deal for your new Elna! Your new machine is similar to the Elna that I borrowed to make baby clothes when my children were babies. It is so mid-century looking, very cool!

I am loving the mini-quilt, and am actually thinking about buying the book and trying this. But, of course, if I make one, it'll be blue.

Nancy said...

Cute little machine and you got a great deal. I once had a Singer with several built in stitches, such as zigzag and a few others, but it had drop in cams for embroidery designs and I loved that machine. Everything I made my daughter had designs from that and even a few I made for myself, always tone on tone for me. Loved it. The knee lift is great. I first experienced it on a Bernina and it remains a favorite feature. I now have a Brother 2001 and it has the knee lift too. If I ever win the lottery I will get a new Bernina. Some of those now cost what my Mom and Dad paid for a house in 1956! Happy Birthday weekend to Rob. Have fun.

Nancy said...

PS: I forgot to tell you how much U love the little basket quilt. Will you do the swag border too? I can hardly wait to see it finished.

Anonymous said...

Who will move out of the house so you can house your "machine collection"? Hope its not you, Rob or Sydney. Will get the b'day gift in the mail Monday. I know, I'm gonna be late, but I think he will be presently surprised. lum

Becky said...

Love the new/old machine! I wish I could restore machines like that!
Enjoy Rob's special weekend and be sure to report back what music you got to hear!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to Rob!

I never pay more than $20 for shoes. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. I bought some Sketchers that were more than that. But as a general rule, I don't like to pay more than $15. I got a really cute pair of flats the other day for $12.50 (regular price $65). I love to find a great deal.

Anyway, this new machine looks interesting. I hope it turns out to be a good one for you.

I love how the mini is coming along. That is a pretty amazing quilt.

xo -E

qltmom9 said...

I am green with jealousy. LOL! What a sweet little machine. Let us know how you like it. I'd love to hear more. I TOTALLY understand the text "accidentally" and the utter relief when the answer is as simple as "LOL".