Civil War block 4

The fourth block of Barbara Brackman’s Civil War mystery was released over the weekend and I had been working on the Elna, so decided to make the block with that machine.  It’s the one with the blue.


I got through it, with a minimum of swearing.  The Elna machine sews wonderfully.  I opened up the base and found the rattling part, which was the one that was missing from the bobbin winder.  So, I got rid of a rattle and got the bobbin winder working.  I oiled and cleaned and she got really quiet and you know how much I like that.  And, she makes a lovely stitch. 

But, every new piece of fabric I try to chain piece through her gets caught under the foot and makes the cutest and most undesirable ruffle that releases as soon as you lift the foot and is playing havoc with quarter inch seam allowance.  Not to mention, someone had probably not threaded the bobbin right and, trying to get tension on the bobbin thread, turned the bobbin tension all the way up.  So, when I threaded it right, it caused a puckering in the seams.  I futzed and played with it and got through the block, but it’s still going to take some more work.  I’ll get there…eventually.

I got the first sawtooth border on the mini quilt this morning.  Soon as I figured out that the quilt center came out smaller than predicted in the pattern (oops!) and the sawtooth border came out longer than predicted (oops! Sally would be so disappointed) the answer became simple.  Take a block off both ends of each sawtooth border and they fit like a charm.  So, on we go.


Also wanted to share some lovely iris in the garden.  I love to go out there every day and see what is new.


These came from New Hampshire.  We dug them up in front of an antique shop.  The lady gave us a trowel out of her stock to do it, but we insisted on paying her for it.  And, we dug up some iris and brought them home on the plane, with a whole bunch of yellow bearded iris.  TSA wouldn’t let us travel today with some of the stuff we carried, way back in the day.  Rob and I bring a plant home from just about every vacation.

Have a great Tuesday.  Work, schmerk.  I’m not a wabbit.  I’m tired.



Elizabeth said...

Love your latest Civil War block. The blue is beautiful. And, wow, that mini quilt is amazing! Your irises are beautiful!

xo -E

Anonymous said...

Is that a dark iris showing between the large clump? Hope not!
I sent R. a dark one named 'Kentucky Derby" Hope you don't already have it. Love the quilt block and the mini. You do such good work and you are so patient with your machines. I would be taking one to the shop if it puckered. Never did learn much about the tension. lum

lw said...

(Mongo only pawn in game of life...)

I think you're right about your Elna having a tension problem. Hopefully, it'll be something obvious if adjustment doesn't do it. I hate puckering almost as much as bird's nesting.

The irises are lovely. And your civil war blocks are looking good-- will you use a traditional setting?