No quilting today

Instead, I put this block back together. 


First, I had to figure out why it kept coming out oversize.  Each subunit had been trimmed to the exact size.  So, it had to be the final assembly.  I checked my seam allowance, and sure enough, it was about 4 threads too narrow.  I fixed that and the block went together pretty quick.  I used Sally Collins’ suggestion and measured sub units before I proceeded.  Doing that, i made sure that two squares being sewn to two other squares were ending up at the right dimension.  I did that at each step of the assembly.  So, this time, of course, it came out at an exact 12 and ONE HALF.  Whoo-hoo.  Now I won’t be ashamed to turn it in to the bee. 

Tomorrow is the class with Sally Collins.  I just finished reading her book.  And, I just thought to put her book in my bag so I can ask her to sign it.  Everything is packed except the white chalk pencil and my small ironing surface.  Surely I can remember to put TWO things in my bag before I leave tomorrow.

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve.  It’s like it can’t actually be happening.  I’ve been looking forward to this class since last year when I found out she was coming.  Is that sad or what?  I really need to get out more.  Find some new measures of excitement.

Have a great Friday. The weekend is nigh.  Hope you’re either getting April showers or at least thawing ice.  And, if you are getting April showers, hope they’re a gentle rain and not the stuff I saw on the news this morning.



Churn Dash said...

I am quite jealous that you are going to a class with Sally!

Lots of people would have turned the block in and made it someone else's problem, if fact many people wouldn't have thought to check the size. You're a star!


lw said...

I had the same problem with my paper-pieced wonky star for the Astronomical Star Quilt they're making for HIQS this year. It kept coming out too small. It turns out that the printer lines were slightly off, and I needed to be just outside the lines to get it to work out. I have the original too-small block hanging in my sewing room to remind me to measure.

I love this block, and am hoping to see the quilt when your guild finishes it.

Can't wait to see how you like your class tomorrow.

mssewcrazy said...

Very nice looking and precise block you have done. That is great to check each component and the block before proceeding,hadn't really thought of that. I am usually fairly precise with seams and such but there are so many places to err on blocks so mine would probably be off way more than I would think it would be. As for getting out more, sewing people tend to be OCD so you'd probably still be revved up about the class for a year prior plus you'd be out there annoying people who don't sew when you can be posting for all of us fans who think you are a really good quilter. Lol! Here's hoping you tell us about the class but you probably know most of it anyway.

Megan said...

Looking forward to the class for a long time is not sad at all! And it's certainly not a sign that you need to get out more. I would have said that it's a sign that you know what you enjoy, that you're mature enough to make choices that are good for you, not necessarily for anyone or everyone else, and that you're willing to allow yourself to feel excited, which a lot of adults don't. Good on ya!

Sydney, Australia

Elizabeth said...

Shazam! That bee block is beautiful!

And there is nothing wrong with looking forward to a class and being really excited about it. I'm excited for you (in retrospect; I may eventually catch up. Work gets in the way too much :).

xo -E