The pictures you missed

Well, our week of no internet ended with a very confused repairman on Friday, who made a single phone call when he had given up on everything else, that magically fixed whatever was wrong.  Hmmmm.

I did make comment that I’d spent two and a half hours on phone calls.  Why didn’t they try that?

His answer was that he can call a different service group than me and the two groups don’t share or talk.  What????

Well, without sharing my pretty obvious feelings about that, let’s get to a picture or two.

Here is the red/white/blue quilt that I made.  100_6697

This is a great lap quilt and soon as I get it quilted, it will get donated to the red/white/blue quilt group at the guild.  Rob wants one, too. 

And, here is a quick peak at the silk quilt. 


More to come on it later, but wanted to show how much like a house it is looking.  I took it to bee on Saturday.  But, I need to get it back under the needle and keep going.  I’ve had a whole weekend off from it and need to re-focus.

On friday, I made a shirt. 



A tiny bit big, but perfectly serviceable.  Hopefully, it will come out of the wash a wee bit smaller. 

I wore it all day Saturday, and then Syd pointed out that it still had the maker’s marks on it where the pocket was positioned.  Can you see the blue mark at the top left of the pocket?  Oops.


It was nice to have internet.  We spent a nice quiet Easter with me sewing my OCD away.  I managed to make an Easter basket for them to share with some favorite candies, and I baked a ham, despite not realizing the grocer’s would be closed yesterday morning.  Oops!

But, we’ll survive and I’ll make a quick stop in tonight for supplies. 

Everybody have a great Monday.  I started something new over the weekend.  I really didn’t mean to.  It kind of sneaked up on me. 


I think I’m going to be saying oops a lot this week.



ga447 said...

I love all of your projects. Internet customer service is the worse we were on the phone for 2 days they couldn't find our account (been paying them for 21 years) - we ended up switching ( we didn't want to because they will probably raise the price in 2 years. The service is better and they know who we are. We had century link (company had too many changes now have cox. In TX it is different.

Kath said...

I love your red white and blue quilt, it is gorgeous.

Lakegaldonna said...

Let me just tell you that I hate it when YOU don't have internet! I've missed reading your interesting posts. Glad it's finally resolved.

I like the fabric for the shirt that you made. The shirt looks great. I made a shirt for my hubby about 20 years ago, the first and last button down shirt I ever made so I appreciate the work that goes in to making one. Ha ha on the blue washout marker near the pocket.

Hope you are having a great Monday. Looking forward to the oops explanation.

Rebecca Grace said...

LOVE the red/white/blue quilt. The blocks you used for the red and white make it feel like the flag is rippling in the wind -- perfection! Your silk house quilt is looking amazing as well. And your shirt -- you just whipped that up in one day?! It looks great. A little big is a lot better than a little too small. You know, 'cause if you cut it twice and it's still too short, there's not much you can do about it. :-)

This year I told my kids that there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny. But there WAS an Easter TURTLE...!

Elizabeth said...

Your shirt is very handsome. I love the fabric! The red/white/blue quilt is beautiful! and your silk quilt is coming along so nicely! Glad you got your internet back.

xo -E

LuAnn said...

What a great red, white and blue quilt. Happy Easter to you.

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lw said...

I'm so glad you've got the internet sorted out. That red, white, and blue quilt is really beautiful, I agree with an earlier poster who said it looks like it's fluttering in the wind, which is really cool.

The whole cloth quilt is really coming along. I do keep wishing I could see it in person, there is so much detail. But one day, you'll show it and we can all visit.

I like the shirt a litle loose, it makes it look relaxed and comfortable.

Linda said...

Your silk quilt is going to be gorgeous!!!
The shirt turned out really nice, too! I have a grown son trying to make his first shirt. He is having to learn to sew at the same time, but he's smart enough to do just about anything he wants. I'll have to direct him to your blog to see what you've done!

Carla said...

Well you can put me down for wanting one of the red white and blue too. Thats really nice.
And wow that silk quilt is impressive.