The non-stop marathon of quilting weekend.

The Sally Collins class is two days.  We get together today, just before noon and we run until six. 

I was very keyed up yesterday morning and needed to sew.  I put in some shrubbery on the house quilt.  Well, that starts to establish the density of things.  I did this with teardrops and if you look close, they look like leaves.  Wait til you see what I did for tree bark. 

100_6656   100_6659

Am I the only one that ever wants to name a quilt “It looks better on the back”?  I’m loving the back, maybe more than the front. 


So, then, I went to class and we learned about teeny tiny piecing.  This is my pincushion so far.  It still gets another border.  And, I’ve started a second one.  As I would finish a section, I couldn’t just sit.  The second one is a bit more masculine, maybe.  Or not.  Who cares.  How butch can a pincushion actually get?


In case that doesn’t look tiny enough, here it is with a nickel in the middle of it. 


My block had some funny seam lines and Sally came by for a bit of personalized feedback on the block at the end of the day and I shared what I didn’t like and she suggested I dampen the block and pin it the way I wanted it to look.  I brought it home last night and did exactly that.  That eighth inch border wasn’t very lined up where it crossed under the basket block and a bit of water and some pins straightened that right out.  Appearances wise anyway.

And, this morning, I got up and pieced the third Barbara Brackman Civil War block


In case you can’t tell, I cheated.  I cut the dark and medium pieces with my tri-recs rulers instead of paper piecing them.  It’s not quite the same, but it’s close enough for me.  And, way easier. 

Okay, so I need to squeeze all my chores into this morning.  And, I already wasted most of it.

Be well and have a great Sunday!  It’s raining here.  Whooooo-hooooo.



ga447 said...

I was so happy you posted, I wanted to know how the class went for you. Your work is amazing. I can feel your excitement.

Hazel said...

I love watching the progress of your house quilt ,your doing a amazing job.

lindaroo said...

The way you used your tri-recs for your star units is very clever! I must diagram that into my notebook...

lw said...

The back and front of your silk quilt are both gorgeous. When you show it, they should hang it separately so folks can see both sides. I love how your shrubbery came out.

The pincushion is so cute and tiny! It looks fairly square in the photo. And you'd never know you hadn't paper pieced your star, it looks perfect.

Rebecca Grace said...

1. I love the word "shrubbery." It always reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail -- "get a nice one, but not too expensive." ;-)

2. A Butch pincushion? Hah! That's cute. Actually, that sounds like a fantastic challenge contest, doesn't it? Let's see who can come up with the best "Butch Pincushion!"

3. LOVING your silk whole cloth quilt! Why do you suppose the back is appealing to you more? Is it the contrasting thread, or do you think it's just the surprise factor? You know, because you're looking at the top of the quilt the whole time you're quilting it, but the BACK side is kind of a mystery until you pull the quilt out from under the machine and flip it over. I do like your quilted teardrop leaves.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Your pincushion is amazing! Such tiny pieces! I love the colors.

xo -E