Well, what do you know…

Mini-piecing continues.  I’ve completed the sashing and the cornerstones and those cute little squares around the edge that cause the gold to turn a corner, and the setting triangles.  Now, it’s just the corners left to go.


And, then I can put the quilt center together. 

And, then it’s off to border school.

Not sure I’m happy with my fabric choice in the setting triangles.  That could end up being remade.  Minus a couple of accidents and mistakes. 

I can only say that it is all about following the instructions precisely and all the instructions I’ve used have come from Sally Collins Mastering Precision Piecing and this pattern is from her book Small Scale Quiltmaking.


If you follow the instructions carefully, this is a really easy quilt to make.  But, it’s hard to follow instructions that carefully and I’ve made a couple of mistakes that no one will ever know about. 

She says to arrange the basket blocks in a pleasing way.  So far, I can’t find an unpleasing way. 

Take care.  Have a great Thursday. Lane

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Elizabeth said...

That quilt is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Lov e the colors!

xo -E