Sally Collins at the guild meeting

Sally was a delight at the meeting last night.  Even though I had spent two days with her, she still had new things to share and more quilts to show. 

She is a very no-nonsense speaker.  She has her way of doing things, acknowledges that there are often other ways.  And, has no intention of changing because her way works for her.  She encourages everyone to find what works for them.  If it’s her way, great.  If not, that’s great, too.

I was really drawn to this quilt.


It really speaks my name with the browns and blacks.  I took several close up pictures of the quilt with my phone. 

But, this morning, I realized that it’s the color more than the pattern that I am drawn to. 

I’m drawn to this pattern.


But, not those colors (high school colors of purple and gold kind of ruined me on that combination.)

What if I used the blacks and browns to make the purple and gold quilt? 

That made my heart sing.

So, we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve always wanted to make a lone star.  Why not make a teeny tiny one.  Actually, we’ll see if I can talk myself out of it.  I really need to be quilting three quilt tops at a time, not starting another top.

LW asked how the roof was going to look.  I got it started this morning.  Already learning things about how this should be done. 


Can anybody identify my problem? 

Take a guess.

The roof scale and the stone on the front of the house are the same scale.  On the actual house, the roof is a different color so it stands out.  But, when you only have one color, it’s about the scale.  So, I’ll have to densely quilt the facia board that runs along the edge of the eave, and that dense quilting will separate the two sections, and then you’ll be able to see better that one is rectangles and one is random shapes.

Yesterday before guild, I went to The Quilt Store, here in Austin for silk thread.  Lovely store.  I got out for $50.  I felt very lucky.  It’s all because of that pesky free motion quilting book that leapt into my hands and insisted on going home with me.  I was fine until it started to cry and make a scene.  So, I stuck it under my arm to quiet it down and slinked out to the car with it. 

And, I read a third of it while I ate dinner.

Be well.  Have a great Tuesday.  Enjoy any quilting you get done.  I wish I could spend the day at the machine after the inspiration of being around Sally Collins.


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lw said...

Good insight-- the brown monochromatic palette separate from the shape/piecing. Between that and the progress on your whole quilt, you're really growing as an artist, which is really fun to watch.