Life moves forward

This morning was such a rush that I'm just getting to a post for today. 

Thank you all for the encouragement.  I did make the call yesterday to schedule the consultation.  And, just as I predicted, as soon as the numbers were dialed, all the stress melted away.  It's just something about taking a first step that paralyzes me. 

This is all very familiar to me.  A few years ago, I needed to have some dental work done.  I put off the phone call for years.  Yes, years of dental problems.  It affected how I interacted with people.  And, I put up with it and did my best to keep things from getting worse.  But, like all things medical, not getting worse is not the same thing as getting better.  Finally, I got a bad infection and the tooth became loose and something HAD to be done.  Unfortunately, I waited until it had to be done before I did it and the tooth couldn't be saved. 

I made the first phone call, ended up with the sweetest periodontist who did several thousand dollars worth of work in my mouth and I'm a new man.  It changed how I talk to people (and whether I talk to them).  It gave me back my self confidence, not just getting my tooth fixed, but feeling confident about being in charge of my choices (even if I am slow).

Anyway, you'd think that would be enough to change me going forward, but it wasn't.  I still put off booking airline flights for business trips in hopes that things will change and I won't have to go.  And, I still put off medical appointments. 

I promise not to name my quilt the colonoscopy quilt or anything else as horrid. 

And, thanks, Lillian.  Your words were simple and powerful. 

Be well everyone.  I managed to get a good bit more done on that miniature quilt this morning.  If it keeps going this fast, there's a chance it could be in this year's show.  Goodness knows, that many tiny matching points should be seen.  A lot!  I might even send pictures to Sally Collins.  If I finish fast enough, she might even remember who I am.



Anonymous said...

Good for you! Seriously, the pre- test stuff is the worst of it...the test ...well it's the best sleep ever...you'll wake up refreshed , energetic and hungry!

Cynthia Landrie said...

Funny, I just went for a Gastro exam and will have a colonoscopy in July! I hate getting old and all that comes with it! I am so glad you will not name your quilt after this wonderful exam!

Elizabeth said...

I've been thinking about this since yesterday. When I was a kid, my mom didn't take us to the doctor unless we were dying. Seriously. Doctor visits are expensive. And if you got there and nothing was wrong, then it was a waste of money (which is the message I got out of it, but the reality of it was that there was no extra money. My family was poor). So, now I have the anxiety that I'll get to the doctor and nothing will be wrong. I finally went to see the ENT last week after years of putting it off. I have a hard time breathing with my mouth closed. I wake up feeling like I'm oxygen deprived, and I'm not getting the rest I need at night. It turns out that I have a deviated septum with 85% blockage on the right side. And I'm having surgery next month to correct it. So why did I wait so long? It is an actual problem and it is actually treatable.

It was the same with going to see the doctor about my tummy problems. What if I got there and it wasn't really anything? Of course, all of my tests came back normal, which is a relief, and going gluten-free has helped immensely. But there's still a problem there and we're still going ahead with the colonoscopy to rule out anything else.

I've put off getting my mammogram, too. In that case, I suppose it is the opposite. What if I go and find out something is wrong? What a silly way to think. What if something is wrong? Then we caught it and can do something about it. Being proactive about my own health is something I need to work on.

Congratulations to you for making your appointment!

xo -E

qltmom9 said...

They found ONE cancerous polyp in my first colonoscopy 5 years ago. ONE snip took care of that cancer...no chemo, no radiation. Trust me, I'm glad I had that done! The prep is rough, although the mag citrate prep is easier than others, but the test is easy.

Lucy (in IN)