Quilting and gardening

Quilting first.  I took about half of family time last night, while Syd was doing the dishes and I finished the stonework on the house quilt. 



This morning, I started knotting and burying threads.  That is so tedious.  It has to be done around every panel of the garage door.  There are 20 panels, each with a beginning and an ending that has to be buried.  I’m so glad I found self threading needles.  The eye isn’t closed and thread can slip into it without having to be threaded through it.  If I had to thread every knot through the eye of a needle, I’d give up on that little bit of overkill.

Rob commented on how fast this is going and I agreed, and mentioned that it wouldn’t go this fast when I started on the roof.  Yikes!

I love my flowerbed.  I have always had flowers and always enjoyed spring.  And, now that I have my garden, well, I get in it every single day.


Look at these yellow columbines


It seems that every blossom made an orange.  From here to December, it will be survival of the fittest.  Last year, I left it in the greenhouse too long and we got no oranges.  This year, the tree is trying to make up for it.  But, it can’t support them all, so they will slowly drop until just the best and most securely attached survive. 


Okay, everybody have a great Thursday.  My boss is preparing for her big state of the business presentation and she’s requesting lots of arbitrary stuff.  It’s great because it makes the day pass so fast.  But, it’s really taxing to try to figure out how to give her what she’s asking for. 

What?  Am I a mind reader???

She’s really cool about it, tho.  She tells me what she wants, I tell her how close I can get, she tweaks that a bit and we go.  No nonsense.  I’ve got the music cranked up and I keep catching myself dancing in my office chair.  And, wondering who that was I just heard walk past…and did they see me?



lw said...

I am also impressed at how quickly your quilt is taking shape. And burying the threads will totally be worth it.

Love the garden photos. We've finally got daffodils, and the lawns have greened up, and there are buds on the trees. I think spring may be arriving, finally.

Elizabeth said...

I love that I can put my headphones in at work. It makes the day go by much more pleasantly. And sometimes I even dance in my chair and don't care who sees.

The silk quilt is so beautiful! And so is your garden! I love spring, when everything wakes up. I have tulips blooming now. And my peonies are poking up from the ground in beautiful shades of burgundy. I love this time of year!

xo -E