It doesn’t have to keep the rain out…

It just has to make you think of the concept “roof” when you see it. 


That’s what I kept telling myself this morning when I was counting the mistakes in the roof.  One, near the right side, halfway down may have to be removed and redone.  But, I’ve decided to wait until I get the adjoining sections of roof done before I make any drastic decisions.  You may not even be able to see that mistake when I am done.


See the door area, puffed up in the center?  That’s my un-sure-ness space.  Our front door is blue and I want to quilt the front door in blue thread.  It feels like a very artistic decision. 

And, I am afraid that I will ruin the effect by quilting the door in blue thread.  Artistic decision gone awry.

I’ve purchased the thread.  I’m going to start it in blue, without doing anything too complex, and then, if I don’t like it, it won’t be a problem to pick it out.  And, if I love it (which I secretly think I will) I can quilt the heck out of it. 

I think the name of the quilt is “Welcome, Welcome”.  I’m tempted to add “all are welcome.  Step into the light, children.”…anybody recognize that movie line? 

Anyway, back to the quilt, i hope to work up the nerve to try that this weekend.  Maybe tonight, I’ll have a small glass of wine and thread up that blue thread and see where the evening takes me.

Have a great Thursday.  I need some days off to play.  I’m feeling so inspired to quilt.

I knew I should have taken a couple days off after Sally Collins’ class.



Becky said...

Looking great! Stitch on the wild side and work that blue thread!!!
Love ya!

Joe said...

I know that reference! I think about Poltergeist every time our minister reminds the congregation that all are welcome.

lw said...

I blew up the photos but still couldn't see any flaw in the roof. It's really looking good. Like award-winning good.

The idea of using blue for the door wouldn't have occurred to me, but I suspect it might be really beautiful. Our front door is blue, too.

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Evening to you, Your work is exquisite.... I love it. I am looking forward to seeing whether you decide to create a blue door or not, whichever you choose, I know it is going to look beautiful.
Best Wishes to you.

Elizabeth said...

I want to take a week off and sew. And maybe take a nap.

The house is looking good!

xo -E