A lotta projects

Ok, so you all know what it means when I stop posting project updates, right?

It means I am working on so many projects that nothing is showing any progress.

I know that some people can work on one project from start to finish. That's not me. I always have more than one. Often that's because I can't focus. Other times it's just because I have too much to do. And sometimes its just because some projects need time to rest...otherwise known as "I don't know how to proceed. That's what has happened to Sydney's quilt. The first attempt at marking did not go well. So it's resting until I can figure out the next step.

Meanwhile, I've almost finished a baby boy quilt top.  36 blocks and a border, with four patches in the corners.  Just two more borders to add.

And, I'm quilting little, tiny stitches into the Dresden Plate quilt.

And, my second glove is starting to look like a wrist and hand. 

We've been without internet at home for two days and counting. Such a little thing, but I miss it like it was really important.

Hope you are all well. 



lw said...

Love your 2nd to the last line!

And the quilt updates!

Elizabeth said...

I know exactly what you mean about letting it rest because you don't know how to proceed. I almost never do a project start to finish. Sometimes, it just has to rattle around in the back of your brain with no focus on it in order to figure itself out.

The log cabin looks beautiful and oh, that Dresden. It is going to be an heirloom, indeed.

xo -E