e l e

Sometimes a quilt says keep it simple and when it does, I am glad to listen. 

The pink and brown baby quilt did just that and I did listen.  100_4531

e l e.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  but, it fills those half square triangles so perfectly.  From one side, and then from the other.  Like a bunch of little tiaras.

I worked on that as much as I could, but once I had done it for a while and liked it, it got kind of boring and I was ready to be done. 

Now, I have some large corner triangles to fill.  I’m thinking something swirley.

And, I pieced some Christmas tree blocks. 


I ended up taking every single one of them apart.  They had names written on the underside of some of them, like maybe they were made by several people.  The ones I got may have been rejects for bad seam allowances, which is why they had to be taken apart.  I only need 13 for the quilt. 

I’ve been working on my Singer 401 still.  Still skipping stitches.  Just every once in a while, but I cannot figure it out.  The thread loop is getting caught on something in the bobbin assembly.  I’ve adjusted the timing and taken apart the upper tension in case the thread was getting caught on something there and I’ve pulled out the bobbin case and made sure there are no burrs on it or the hook.  Next, I’m going to need to sew and stop mid skip, when it grabs thread from the top and yanks it, and find where that loop is caught.  It’s going to be an interesting problem to find and fix. 

But, I will.

I came home from LD’s house the other day with another project.  She has a small chest that she wants to use as a coffee table and it was covered with fabric and she’s bought some vinyl to put on the outside and I’m working out how to get that to look just right.  I think her Father built it for her Mother.  So, I’m doing my best to make sure I do no harm. 

And, throw in a bit of my own chutzpah.

Be well and have a great Monday.  Gonna try to vote.



Elizabeth said...

Ah, yes. Early voting. That is really a most excellent idea.

So, about the skip. This may be a really elementary suggestion and may not help at all. My Singer was skipping stitches and a co-worker suggested that when I put the needle in, that I drop it back down a teeny, tiny bit - we're talking hardly anything at all. Just a smidge back from the "in" position. And whaddya know? It worked.

Loving the pink & brown quilt.

xo -E

Cynthia L. said...

The pink and brown quilt is so beautiful. I really love it. I can't wait to see the finished product with the Christmas Trees!

We are getting blown away by the Hurricane here! It is bad, but folks north of us will have it worse. Wish I was back in Texas!

Kath said...

I'm very impressed that your triangles all meet up! :-D

lw said...

Love the little girl softness of the pink and brown quilt.

As for the 401, if there are any burrs on the loop guard in your bobbin case, it'll either skip stitches or break thread. Also check the top and bottom of the throat plate.

I live in Northern Virginia now and it is raining pretty heavily and it's pretty gusty.

Michelle said...

Do you have the needle in going in the correct direction? Do you have a manual for it? If not, I can send you one pdf. Do you have a bad needle? Sometimes even new ones are bad. Have you tried a different bobbin? You should be using the little class 66 bobbins that have a curve to them. Just some suggestions.