Work, work, work

I did not take my marathon quilting session on Friday.  I was a good boy and, instead, I cleaned and organized.  I had a three pronged approach.

First, was this space.


This used to be where my home office was.  I took all that out and moved it nearer my desk.  It just wasn’t working and it had been so long since I’d cleared it out that I had recovery disks from computers we don’t own anymore and electronic bits and pieces and things I’m not even sure what they went to.  I filled a garbage bag and then filled the space with my yarn crafting; knitting, crochet and tatting.

That freed up space here. 


I know it doesn’t look very organized, but that’s the camera angle.  This space had all it has now, plus all that yarn and stuff.  Not good.

Now, I can see my thread containers and was able to put away a dozen spools of thread that were floating around.

I still have a small pile of stuff to do something with, but that’s going to have to be on another day. 

And, our linen closet had taken on an “odor”.  I don’t know if this happens in all areas, but here, in the heat and humidity, fabric that isn’t washed often takes on a musty smell and the longer it is left, the stronger it gets.  And, it spreads.  Since we haven’t been entertaining, my good linens weren’t getting used at all.

The washer and dryer ran all day on Friday, and there were napkins and table cloths on the line.


Unfortunately, that resulted in this pile of ironing.


Even Mable turned her back on it.  But, if I do it a bit every day, I’ll get through it all.  I want to store some of this differently and I’m going to be storing my quilts differently.  All this work was a lead up to clearing the way for my quilts to be stored rolled, instead of folded. 

I’ll get there.  But, it was also a good chance to wipe down the ceiling fan blades and vacuum under furniture and do a good bit of dusting.  I was stopped up all weekend from the dust…not easy to reach dust, but that deep down kind of dust that nobody knows is there until you start to really clean. 

I know that in other climates, people are closing their houses up for the winter and in spring, they will do a good cleaning as they open the houses back up for summer.  We do exactly the opposite.  We close the house in summer and open it in autumn and winter.  So, a good fall cleaning is always in order. 

Don’t think I was all work and no play.  I also managed to finish the quilting on Sydney’s quilt, except for a few spots that I want to add a few extra leaves to and I did some hand quilting and I picked this year’s Christmas quilt pattern, a UFO I picked up at a quilt show, but more about that later.

My oldest friend is moving to San Antonio.  I am having a lot of trouble with that.  Her reason would not be right for me and my life, and I’m doing my best to remain impartial, at least in action, if not in thought.  But, holding in my thoughts in is a really hard thing, and she wants pep talks and someone to tell her that she’s doing the right thing.  While I can support her and her decision, and I can help her move, I can’t work up to words of encouragement.  And, that has left her disappointed in me. 

A rock and a hard spot.  The balancing act between me and what others need is often difficult and often, nobody wins.

Everybody have a great Monday.  I could really use another day at home, doing my chores.  But, like working homemakers for many years, there just isn’t time for everything.  Hey, it gives me something to dread for another day, eh?

Be well and be kind to one another.



Kath said...

"recovery disks from computers we don’t own anymore and electronic bits and pieces and things I’m not even sure what they went to."

Oh Lane this made me smile, we have boxes of stuff like that, especially leads! we seem to have connectors and chargers to things, I suspect, we got rid of 10 years ago, or more! You're not the only one :-)

Becky said...

I hear ya! I have a pile of floppy disks and nothing to use them on even if I did need the i
nformation on them. It's genealogy info and I just hate to let it go...some of it was too hard to find! But haven't a clue how I'd even begin to retrieve it! Hope you have a productive, easy week! (Is that even possible??!!) Love ya!

Elizabeth said...

Good for you for getting it all done. Except for ironing the linens. That part, I don't get. They did look nice hanging on the line, though. What a pretty yard. We don't get musty here. It's too dry. And yay for time for quilting! Can't wait to see Sydney's quilt.

Balancing it all is so hard. Glad you had a nice "you" day.

xo -E

Patricia said...

You are doing right by not giving your advice to your friend. She may already be having second thoughts, hence why she wants your validation. Best friends are sorta like children. You never ever want to give your children (especially adult ones) advice on what to do and make them choose. If they follow your advice they will forever be looking back, believing that if they had done what they wanted to do, things would have been great---you stopped them from taking advantage of a "once in a lifetime opportunity"---never mind all the pitfalls your saw and they didn't. If they go against your advice and fall into those pitfalls, then they will be just waiting for the "I told you so", and will distance themselves sometimes without knowing it cause they don't want to admit they were "hardheaded" and didn't listen. It is best to just say (to friends and children alike, unless you know for sure those pitfalls are going to endanger them) "I support you in whatever you decide and will always love you. This is YOUR decision, not mine". Ask me how I know all this! Have a great day!

lw said...

I had the same problem with dampness near the beach when I lived in Torrance. What works is a chemical dessicant-- like Damp Rid. I used to hang two in my closets that were on the north side of the house to keep them smelling good. They collect water from the air and have to be replaced every few weeks in the summer and every couple of months in the winter.

Before you do that, I'd wash all of the fabric with borax in the load, and then wipe the walls down with borax (it kills mold/mildew.) Then put your newly dried fabrics and damp rid into your newly dried closet and it won't get musty again.

Carla said...

I have a closet that needs to be cleaned out and organized. I keep getting side tracked.

Sorry about the rock and a hard spot your in.
I'm like the blogger Patricia above just let her know you love her and you're there for her no matter what she decides. Your friends probably has doubts too.

Hope it all works out.

DangAndBlast! said...

Heh, my clothes in Houston get musty too! Glad to see someone had a suggestion :-)