A “me” day

Today, it’s all about me around here.  Syd is at school, Rob is at his company picnic, and I am off work.

Today needs to be equally divided between some organization tasks and some fun quilting, all accompanied by the sound of music.

I started the day with some machine quilting on Sydney’s quilt.


But, I ran out of thread.  Oh, darn.  A trip to JoAnn’s.  The equivalent of having my nails ripped out with pliers.  And, it gives me an excuse to get out, because I really need to go to the post office.

After I ran out of thread, I moved to some hand quilting.


This is so relaxing.  There’s no need to be in a hurry because I can only hand quilt so fast and that’s it and there’s no reason to try to hurry.  So, just enjoy it.  Very peaceful.

And, then Sydney and I had breakfast and I did my first organizing. 


I keep my cookbooks on a very deep shelf.  They can stand two deep.  I’ve recently acquired several new-to-me cookbooks and I needed to make space and put the cookbooks I use in the front and the ones I don’t in the back.  I love to read cookbooks.  I love to read the nutrition facts from all across the years to see how knowledge about weight control and good nutrition changed. 

But, some of the recipes are a bit old fashioned and even those in a good nutrition cookbook from the 50’s have more fat than I generally include in a meal.  And, their ingredient list was different.  Lots of veal and wild game and lamb recipes that I don’t really see so much anymore.  The new equivalent seems to be fish and seafood recipes.

Next, I plan to do some organizing in the sewing room and some quilting, and an errand…

Or, maybe I’ll just get comfortable and settle down for a movie and quilting marathon.


Can’t let that happen.

help me!

Be well and have a great Friday.  Lane


Kath said...

Do it Lane...you know you want to....

ps what do you like to watch?

andsewon said...

Heads up on thread Lane. Joann's has it at 50% off online and in store. Plus online there is a coupon for free shipping!

Seraphinalina said...

I read old cookbooks too.

dblmstudio said...

I so enjoy your blog. Thank you I , also, quilt and knit.

qltmom9 said...

LOL, I was in the same predicament, but dh is on vacation today, so he ran my errands and it was only the house cleaning I've been skipping out on!

Becky said...

Enjoy your day! You sound like me when I get a day to play......I want to do a zillion things and have to whittle the list down to a few! Bummer!!

Elizabeth said...

I love hand stitching ... embroidery, appliqué ... it is so relaxing. It has such a nice rhythm. Your Dresden quilt is amazing and I love the fruit appliqué quilt you posted the other day.

Also, while a quilting marathon would be awesome, I think you'll be much more satisfied if you follow your plan for the day. Wishing you all the time you need to fit everything in.

xo -E

Vesuviusmama said...

I vote for a movie and a quilting marathon. I plan to do one of those myself this weekend!

lw said...

Seems like a lot of the nutrition advice in the older books is actually better than the crap we're being told now, which is mostly based on government subsidies and lobbying.

I agree about Joann's. They just closed our local Hancock's and if I need thread, I will need to order online or drive 45 minutes or more to avoid Joanne's.

Carla said...

Sounds like you had a productive, enjoyable, relaxing day. You Go.