Baby boy quilt

Okay, so that’s one down.  At least for piecing.  I’ve still got to quilt it.  But, that’s no problemo.


Autumn puts me in a leafy mood.  Maybe some leaves.  Or, maybe not.  Balloons?  Bicycles?  Okay, that may be a bit overambitious.

Anyway, it will come to me if I look at it long enough.  Every quilt tells me.  I just have to be listening.

I’ll probably see it on one of your blogs and think “that would be perfect…”  And, hopefully, remember to give you credit.

Next?  A little girl quilt.  I remembered a pink and brown quilt top that’s almost finished.  I’m going to pull it and look.  Not sure if it’s the right kind of brown for a baby quilt.  And, I always have the green and black and white quilt fabrics.  But, it sure would be nice to have something that’s already almost finished.

Communication is hard.  I guess that’s why so many people choose not to do it.  Some people are easier to communicate with than others.  I am an “other” trying to be an “easier”.  But, there are some days when, no matter how hard I try; no matter how much effort and thought I put into every word, it just doesn’t hit home and communication is stilted.

That’s the days I try to remind myself that bad communication is better than no communication.  A for effort. 

I’ve tried not bragging about it much, but I love getting 75 miles per gallon.  My average is 49 point something.  But, that’s an average of 7, when pulling onto the freeway in power mode, and 93 when traveling at a consistent speed on a flat spot in the freeway.  I try to hit 75 as often as I can.

Why, with so much good television to choose from, is my daughter drawn to watching women fight over whose daughter is the best dancer?

Yesterday morning, I walked without my audiobook and got to spend some time thinking and listening.  There was someone in the neighborhood whistling a song in the purest whistle.  I could hear them (him?) all over the neighborhood, only losing him when I was at my furthest point away.  We never passed him, but we heard him and Mable looked for him.  Last night, I heard the same song on TV and now I can’t remember what it was.  Hate how the short term memory works.

Be well.  It’s Tuesday.  In two days, the vice presidential candidates debate.  It promises to be the funniest TV of the season.

Only it won’t be funny.



Linda said...

The baby boy quilt is beautiful!
I'm so glad you're getting such great mileage!

Elizabeth said...

Shazam! LOVE that log cabin! Amazing work!

Brag all you want about the gas mileage. You made a good decision. I just filled up yesterday ($63 worth) and I'm getting 13 miles to the gallon. I get 17 on the highway. I drive the less efficient of our two vehicles b/c I drive 7 miles one way to work & Mr. Bug drives 55 miles one way.

Communication. Sigh. I'm in the "other" category and Mr. Bug is in the "non-existent" category. To say it is frustrating is an understatement. Just keep trying. A for effort is important.

xo -E

Mary said...

We are all imperfect communicators, what matters is that we try. Especially with teenagers, keeping them talking is a real challenge but when they do open up is so rewarding.

Coloradolady said...

Beautiful baby quilt! Communicators....ummm...it is rather difficult in the best of times for me sometimes. A for effort...I just need to keep my cool a little better!!

And..with all the good television to watch...I have watched Every. Single. Episode. From. Every. Season.
I totally LOVE that show and my daughter does too! Don't ask me why...I have no idea, but I won't miss it!! Must be a girl thing, but then again, I am a reality TV junkie!!!

Have a great day, enjoy that new car, it is a beauty!

Coloradolady said...

Oh, I almost forgot, I am going to email you a soup recipe. It is PURE HEAVEN IN A BOWL. I found the recipe the other day, I thought I had lost it. It is really a special one and the taste is to die for.

I doubt I post it on my blog. However, I will share it with you! You just have to trust me when I say it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

watch for it!