For lack of something new

I have pictures of old quilts that are hanging in the living room. 

This quilt is my card trick quilt and I made it in 20008.



I made two of these quilts at the same time and just alike, except one was made from my stash and the other from my Mentor’s stash.  I gave her the one from her stash as a thank you gift for all that she had taught me about quilting.

And, this is an Irish Chain quilt.  I just love the Irish Chain pattern. 




I also got started quilting Sydney’s quilt.


I realized that I had to get the pins out of it before I could mark it the way I wanted to, so I’m putting in some stabilizing quilting in a grid pattern that I’ll then mark through paper, using my pounce.  This is a new technique for me.  I’ve marked with paper and I’ve marked with the pounce, but only using plastic templates.  If I can get this to work, then fast marking of quilts will really expand my possible quilting motifs. 

Okay, so everybody have a great Thursday.  This weekend is going to be a great weekend to work in the yard, so I don’t know how much quilting will get done.

Be well.  Lane


PattiLynn said...

20008? Wow, time really does fly when one quilts! ;-0

Beautiful quilting!!

I'm enjoying the cooler weather too. Whatta relief.

Laura said...

Gorgeous! Card trick was the first non-tied quilt I ever made using the theory (incorrect!) that since I'd been making clothing for years upon end, I could just sew up quilts. *sigh* So wrong. I found a local quilt class, and *now* I can just sew up quilt tops.

Rebecca Grace said...

Please share more about the marking method you're trying out -- I struggle and swear like Pulp Fiction every time I try to mark designs on a quilt, what with the disappearing inks disappearing too soon, chalk lines rubbing off, etc. I'd love to learn a method that was fast, reliable, and rated PG! ;-)

lw said...

I love how you quilted the card trick quilt.