The four freedoms

Nobody says it like Norman Rockwell.


Freedom of Speech.


Freedom to worship.


Freedom from want.


Freedom from fear.

Yesterday, I saw a homeless man give a breakfast burrito to a homeless woman.  These are people I see all the time and it brightens my day when I can reach out the car window with a dollar and more importantly, a smile, and a few kind words.  It’s the words that count the most, I think, because that’s what they respond the most to.  The man could not possibly have more than the woman, but he had enough that he was able to share.  And, he walked away from her with the same big smile that I drive away with, even though his gift was so much greater than mine could be. 

I watched her wolf that burrito down and lick the grease off her fingers while I sat at a red light and I thought about how much starvation and need there is, right here, under our noses.  People that have been left behind by social programs that have been de-funded.  And, so many are disabled veterans.

And, then I thought about how these people are Romney’s 47%, allegedly unwilling to take personal responsibility…

Personal responsibility for what?  To choose food over the medication that might help them fit into a society that only values those that can contribute? 

I hope that my small contributions, a dollar here, a handful of change there, a smile and a handshake and a kind word are doing good.  And, I know that just because I enjoy the four freedoms doesn’t mean I shouldn’t stand up for those that don’t. 

I pray, in my own way, that our country will see that the needs of the few are more important than the priviledge of the few.  I pray that the hearts of mankind will be opened and allow them to help those who are less fortunate, here and everywhere. 

And, if you are doing, if you are helping, if you are contributing in your OWN way, then I want to take this chance to say;

Thank you.  

But, if you are helping, then my thanks is nothing compared to the fulfillment that you already walk away from your contributions with. 

Be well and have a great Thursday.  Lane


Anna said...

Well said Lane!!! Thank you for what you do!!! We need to help the people at home first and foremost and then others.

quiltfool said...
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Vesuviusmama said...

Norman Rockwell - ah! I have books with his prints in them, and I love poring over them. His work really does say it all. And I hear you about trying to do what you can to help. I'm trying to do a little bit of it all, from regular campaign contributions to participating in every food drive and raffle and other charitable event happening here in my hometown, to when I am on the road, keeping bottles of water and granola bars in my car to hand out at stoplights when there is a hungry or homeless person there. I know it isn't much in the grand scheme of things, but if all of us do a little, then it IS a lot. Thank you going right back at YOU, a kindred spirit, who always makes his readers THINK and reflect and be hold themselves accountable.

lw said...

I favor homeless shelters for donations-- and they can use all kinds of stuff; shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, etc.

I also microloan through Kiva.org-- so that folks who are struggling can get their own business started. I just wish that Kiva microloaned in the US. Grameen does. Seems like we need as much help as anyone, these days.