What’s a man to do?

Okay, so the man was given a weekend when all the stars lined up for crafting.

It was rainy, off and on, and beautifully sunny the rest, but the rain and humidity brought out every mosquito and his brother, three cousins and a maiden aunt.  I would have had to soak myself in chemical repellent to go outside for more than just a short stroll through the garden.  So, I didn’t.

And, I hadn’t made plans because I thought I had a class yesterday.  When that was cancelled, I ended up with the whole day that I would have spent prepping and teaching.

I got up and quilted in the morning, and then I finished spinning my yarn.  I started Friday night, after dinner dishes were done, and finished by lunch on Saturday.  It was very intense and my shoulders were sore for the rest of the day, but it got done. 


I made this hank and it’s been soaked to “set the twist” and is still drying.  Is it perfect?  No, it’s not.  But, it is a very nice “first try”.  It has thick spots and thin spots, but overall, it is a good length of sport weight wool yarn that is going to make a great scarf for a Christmas present for some lucky man, who may or may not read my blog, and may or may not figure out it’s for him.

I also finished piecing the baby girl quilt and it is ready to pin baste next weekend. 


I’m quite happy with the way this little quilt came out, with it’s pieced border and browns and pinks.

This week, I’ll focus on moving Sydney’s quilt toward completion so I can start this one.  I know they’ll be planning her shower soon and I need to get this one moving or I’m going to be wrapping a partially finished quilt and taking it back after the festivities.

I also managed to put quite a few stitches in the dresden plate quilt.  I am seriously considering making that quilt my Jubilee quilt.  At this point, I have to accept that I can only finish one before my next birthday and I don’t think it can be the mariner’s compass.  This, I at least have a chance at finishing.

And, finally, I had a totally “old lady” moment at Sydney’s basketball game last night.  I had to leave the gym for a couple of minutes and when I came back, the game was in play, so I stood off to the side because there were 10 rather large and intimidating girls pelting toward me, not paying attention to anything but the ball.  I heard a sound and looked over my shoulder in time to see the ball from the other court bouncing toward me. 

Not exactly sure what I did, but it involved holding the flats of my hands toward the ball and jumping back from the waist, like an old woman jumping from a snake.  I tried to redeem myself by running after the ball, but I couldn’t get a grasp on it and when I finally did, I threw it back to the girl, knowing it would not get to her, so I bounced it on the floor. 

All in all, an excessively humiliating and emasculating moment.  When I looked in the stands for Rob, he was not looking at me and I thought he hadn’t seen it.  In the car, I thanked him for not saying anything if he had seen it and Sydney said “I got hit in the face with the ball” and Rob said “Lane’s was much worse”. 

Okay, he could have held off for a few more minutes, right?  And, not said anything in front of me? 

We had a good laugh and I told Sydney about it and thankfully, Rob did not add any commentary.  And, it’s over and I’m laughing about it.  Ha, ha.

We’re aiming good thoughts at my Mom today.  She’s having a bit of surgery this morning.  Hoping for a speedy recovery.  Be well, Mom.

Everybody have a great day!  Hi, Ho – Hi, Ho, it’s off to work I go.  Yeah, monday.



Linda said...

Congratulations on the yarn! What a great gift the scarf will make!
The baby girl quilt is just beautiful!

Becky said...

Oh Lane....you DO make me smile in all sorts of ways! I'll be keeping your Mama in my prayers..... Have a wonderful week!

Kath said...

Very best wishes Mom! I hope all goes well.
That baby girl quilt is so lovely Lane. I wasn't sure at first, I'm not very bold, but now I love the pink and brown.

Vesuviusmama said...

Recuperative thoughts heading your mom's way. And if laughter is the best medicine, just tell her that basketball story; I was laughing so loudly I thought someone was coming to come into my office and ask me to keep it down! Laughing WITH you, you know, not AT you.

Coloradolady said...

Sending good thoughts for you mom!!

I so needed a laugh, and was laughing right along with you!! "Lane's was much worse"......Oh. Lane, that cracked me up!!!

That baby quilt is beautiful. They will be so thrilled with this gift!!

Have a great evening!!

Unknown said...

I have to ask, did you squeal like a girl when that ball was coming toward you! I would have! I also would have raised by leg across my body and covered my face! Don't know what I would be protecting, "down there," but it is what I do when something comes at me!

The baby quilt is so beautiful. You always do such good work!

qltmom9 said...

Oh, man, can you paint a story with your words! You had me laughing SO hard, mostly because I am SO unsportsy it is crazy, but also because you didn't want anyone to see, but then you sure gave us a good picture of your moment...LOVE IT!

Praying for your mom.

qltmom9 said...

OH, that baby girl quilt and yarn are lovely. GREAT job.~