That’s a wrap

I finished Sydney’s quilt yesterday morning.


I had to wait until Rob took her to the school for today’s basketball game before I could get a picture.  She was wrapped up in it from the time she got home last night until she dressed and left this morning. 


I’m disappointed that the quilting won’t show up for my photos, but it’s there, great bamboo fronds.


Here’s the back.


The borders are straight lines and squares in the corners. 

I dropped this in the wash and then went to LD’s.  We set up her camera and loaded the software and got her all set up and then we went for some delicious Italian pasta and then back to her place for another go at the camera, this time loading in pictures and then emailing them.

Then, it was back home, where I dried Sydney’s quilt and then started the backing for the baby quilt. 

I tried to make beer can chicken on a can of coca-cola and ran out of gas in the grill long before the chicken was done.  So, the chicken and the zucchini and the potatoes that were all supposed to be cooked on the grill had to come in and go in the oven.  It was okay, but I think I can do better.

This morning is Sydney’s first basketball game.  It’s supposed to be gloomy and cold all day, so hopefully after that, I’ll get the day to quilt. 

I’m taking my practice score book to the game to give it a try and see what questions I end up with.  I’ve read the instructions.  I’ve studied the rules about fouls.  I’m as ready as I can be for a practice session.  Go team!

Be well and have a great Saturday.  Lane


Marla said...

Love Sydney's quilt. I have one to finish for my stepdaughter and it is just as "loud" as this one. I am sure she won't like it as much as your daughter does though. Have a great Saturday!

lw said...

Sydney's quilt is a very happy-looking quilt. I'd have wrapped up in it, too!

I have a "poultry pal" because the beer cans don't seem stable to me. Last time I made one, the new grill didn't heat up properly and it took two hours to cook. I've got to get that figured out.

Becky said...

I LOVE Miss Sydney's quilt! You'll do fine with the scoring. I like the idea of a practice run. Have a great weekend!

Patricia said...

Great job on Sydney's quilt! Good luck keeping score. I had a "run"
as scoreboard operator for my Grandson's baseball team. Let me just say, after one try, I was told "thank you so much, but no thanks". :c!!----I did good with scores, it was the "outs, balls, and strikes" I had trouble keeping up with. Folks sure get upset about a couple of mistakes :c(. Have a great day!!

Impera_Magna said...

Gotta love it when kids curl up in quilts...

Kath said...

great job, I'm happy the Sydney has fallen so in love with it.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lane! Sydney's quilt is beautiful. Good for both of you! I'm glad she loves it!

Good luck with the basketball scoring! You get extra dad points for that and I know that Sydney will learn something important from you working so hard on something that benefits others.

xo -E

Pauline said...

Everyone should love to cuddle up in that colorful, happy quilt. She should now be inspired to make another one. Wish I could see the bamboo better!
Good luck with being score keeper.

Carla said...

Cool looking quilt. Our camera flashes hide the quilting. A trick that sometimes works for me is to stand at an angle to the quilt and you'll see more of the quilting.