This and that for a Friday

Mr. Lincoln is well again.  Look at the beautiful bloom that we picked yesterday. 


Beautiful deep red, velveety color.  I always plant my roses in the sun.  Then, the trees grow and the roses end up in the shade.  That’s what happened to my three roses from a few years ago.  Mr. Lincoln is the only one that survived when I moved them.  He was sickly and his blossoms had taken on an orange tone.  But, now he’s back, after two long years.

I spent all my sewing time this morning learning about LD’s camera.  She got it a couple years ago and didn’t know how to use it.  We all know about that.  It does a hundred different things and she needs 4; 5 on a cloudy day. 

Anyway, I offered to take it, study it, and teach her to do four things.  That was a month ago.  And, a lot has happened.  But, I did learn about it.  I hope to get it back to her soon.

Too many pink squares---

I don’t know what I was thinking.  I need border sections for the baby quilt from yesterday.  I didn’t count how many I needed.  I thought it was a lot.  I just started cutting a pile of smallish pink scraps down into squares.


That doesn’t look like nearly as many as it is.  I have way more than the 64 I need.

I bought this wool. It was advertised as roving and even though it didn’t look like roving, I thought that must just be the seller's artistic photo. 


I got a drop spindle and a bag of lovely brown wool roving a few years ago and have always wanted to learn to spin.  Sam, at Buckingham Road spins, as does Leah Day.  They have inspired me to go ahead and give it a try (and to grow cabbage and cauliflower during winter here…but not ducks).

I decided rather than use my lovely gift to learn, I’d buy some roving that I didn’t care about and learn, using it.  I bought this lovely navy and black.  But, I don’t think it’s roving.  I think roving is combed more and this is still kind of “wooly” and it’s going to take a lot of drafting.  And, it was supposed to be clean, but stuff keeps drifting out of it like dust. 

Anyway, where I wanted the experience of learning to spin, looks like I might be getting a whole lot of other experiences at the same time.  And, if I don’t like it, it’s stuffing for a pillow.

I’ve been watching youtube to learn how.  Gotta love a youtube.

Be well and have a great Friday.  I am most definitely looking forward to the weekend.  It’s supposed to be rainy.  Good quilting weather.  Or, maybe I’ll take that blue wool to the front porch and see what I can do. 



qltmom9 said...

We raised ducks every summer when I was young. It was VERY sweet...but then, Dad did the kill. The ducks were sweet pets and very interesting.

Playing with wool is always fun.~


Kath said...

I always wanted a porch to sit on, houses here in England are never built with one, probably because the weather is very damp and unpredictable. Conservatories are popular as they protect the occupants from the wet.

Linda said...

Good luck learning to spin! That sounds like fun. I've always thought it would be fun to have sheep and get all that lovely wool. Then I saw how dirty that wool looks when it is freshly clipped from the sheep! Looks like too much work.

Cynthia L. said...

I know you will figure out the spinning thing. Isn't it just like us to pick up yet another crafty thing to learn and do? Like we really have enough time on our hands!

Good luck with the new veggies too. I have been mentally planning my garden for next year. I better write it down before I forget! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Vesuviusmama said...

Completely unrelated to your blog post, I am about two years behind watching the TV show Brothers and Sisters. I love it. I love the characters, the theme music, the emotions it stirs in me. Right now, I am at the part where Kevin and Scotty are trying to adopt a child, a 9 year old girl. Have you seen this? I am sure it is nothing like yours and Rob's experience, but I can't help but think of you two as I watch it, wondering (and knowing a little bit from your blog) about what it was like in the early days for you. Anyway, can't get you off my mind these days. I'm way behind on blog reading, but I'm done traveling now, so hope to catch up in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!