I am not going to show you my thread box…es. 

I didn’t really know it while it was happening, but I ended up with enough thread to circle the globe at least once. 

I did this while I was learning about thread.  I started with serger thread.  I was piecing with serger thread.  And, quilting with it, too.  So, I had spools in every color.  Then, I decided I wanted to quilt in cotton thread.  But, somehow, over the years, I had inherited or bought about 60 spools of polyester or poly-cotton.  Didn’t stop me from collecting cotton; 100wt, 80 wt, 60 wt, 40 wt, 35 wt, 20 wt…and then I decided I wanted to use silk. 

Okay, so thread collector.  Freely admit it.  And, proud that I’ve given it up. 

But, it was great for applique, because I ALWAYS had just the right color and shade of thread.


I finally decided that I wanted to use this 30wt coats and clark thread, huge spools, with a coupon, about $3 for 1200 yards.  And, it’s really, really great thread.  I can use it for piecing and quilting and it stores easy and there are several shades and colors…not a lot, but several.  And, when I want it, I can buy specialty thread for a particular project, instead of collecting and hoping a project will come along.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used any of this thread since I made that decision because I am committed to using up all that other thread. 

So, anything that I only have one spool of that is 100% cotton is being used for piecing.  If I have more than one spool, I’ll use it to quilt.  I’ve finished about half my spools and tossed them away.  Spool after spool after spool.  Gone and one of my boxes is half empty after being crammed full. 

It’s a really good feeling.  I’m down to two boxes of small spools and a dozen or so spools of serger thread…though some of my serged edges are really funny because they have three or four different colors of thread. 

I was watching season two of the new Upstairs/Downstairs this morning.  They were reprieved from the start of WWII.  One character said “It’s over.” and another character said “It’s history.  It’s never over.”  That got me in the thought of thread.

Things change.  Life moves on, and like me changing from one spool of thread to the next, it just goes on and really, it will never be over.  There will just be a time when I won’t be part of it anymore. 

In the meantime, I’m being the flexible parent.  Not sure why Sydney and I are getting along so well.  I will enjoy it.  Because it will not last.  Peace is fleeting.  Happiness lasts for a long time. 

Be well and have a great Wednesday.  Lane


Bratling said...

Congrats at using up thread! Now my confession--I threw out all my Coats and Clark thread. It broke. It tangled. Most of my tension woes disappeared with the Coats and Clark. I switched to Guttermann because it and my machine get along sooo much better.

qltmom9 said...

Coats and Clark has always been my favorite too. Do you get yours at Joanns? I've tried others too and was sor-ry. With some of my kids, there came a time they just decided to get along with me. She is growing up quite nicely.

Linda said...

I also change thread pretty often, but although I absolutely LOVE Sulky thread in different colors because of the sheen, I just can't afford to use it on every quilt I make. It's expensive! I bought a whole stash of thread on cones that are in different colors. I use these when I can. When I buy thread for piecing, I use the Coats and Clark. I am probably the only person in the world who has never had a spool of Aurofil. (I would love to try it, but just haven't ever remembered to pick any up.)It's true that some machines are really sensitive to the quality of thread you use.

lw said...

I only use Coats and Clark Star for piecing. It lints like mad if I use it to quilt, and fouls my Janome. I have 70 silk, and I love it, but for everyday, I use Superior, Mettler, Aurofil, etc. mostly in 50 so it doesn't show my mistakes so much. I thought I had a ton of thread until I started using it, I'm down to about half my stash.

Vesuviusmama said...

Thread is something I don't have that much of, and know next to nothing about. But I am asking for a thread organizer for Christmas this year!