That li’l punkin

Sydney wanted to go to the grocery with us yesterday.  In and of itself, that is remarkable.

While we were on the baking aisle, she said “you should let me bake a multi-layer cake and decorate it with your tools.”  I looked at her skeptically, and said, you have to clean up after it.  And, it was done.

Little did I know what she would end up with.


This is NOT what my first piping experience looked like.  She said she’d watched her Aunt pipe a lot of cakes and Sydney is also a skilled drawer and she just went with it.  I wish I’d given her a prettier plate to work on.

Anyway, the girls had their best game so far this year.  But, they lost their “teamwork” in the last few minutes and ended up losing the game.  There was too much coaching going on and at one point, I said, there’s too many people giving her feedback and she’s gonna meltdown.  And, then I saw her wipe a tear away.  But, she got right back in the game and brushed it off. 

Anyway, that’s my li’l punkin’s sunday.

We’re still taking the car everywhere.  I think we went one place over the weekend in Rob’s truck.  Zippy, zippy!  I did not read all 5 owner’s manuals, but I did read selected excerpts from each one. 



bernie said...

Good looking cake - looks good enough to eat :). Bernie

Anonymous said...

Thanks the sweetest thing that Sydney did. You and Rob are doing a great job of raising a thoughtful child/person. Thanks for sharing.

AMW said...

How sweet of her. And great job, especially for a first try.

Becky said...

That is her first attempt!!!!!!????? What a wonderful job!

lw said...

The cake looks great-- Sydney has real talent! And what a sweet thing to do.

I don't know anyone who's read their owner's manual cover to cover.

Michelle said...

Yum!!!! Great Job Sydney!!!

PattiLynn said...

Looks tasty! A cute way to celebrate your new car. She did a really good job, wish I had a piece of it!

Haha! If I had a new Prius, I'd be driving the wheels off, or trying. Enjoy!

Elizabeth said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Sydney might actually like you a little bit, even though she's not supposed to because she's a teenager and you're the parent and you're trying to make her all responsible and stuff.

Good job!

Hope you are still loving that new car feeling. I told Mr. Bug about yours this morning, especially nothing the gas mileage (his commute to work is 55 miles one way; we fill up every third trip) and asked if we were ready for a new car yet.

xo -E

Carla said...

That's pretty cool. Can you send a piece my way? lol Sydney did a great job.