Everything’s going good

When people ask me how things are, that’s my “go-to” answer.  Everything’s going good.

Whether it is, or not.

I love it when that’s the truth.  And today, that is the truth. 

Everything’s going good.  Nothing is remarkable.  No crises, no missed communication opportunities, no misunderstood messages, no bills are due.  And, I’ve started asking myself “do I really need that?” because my first car payment in 5 years is coming up next month.

I’m working from home today.  Sydney and I both have dentist’s appts.  Mine is this morning and hers, this afternoon.  School, office and home are all within 3 miles of one another.  I’m so grateful that I can work from home on days like today. 

I have no project updates.  All my projects are at that point where nothing shows any progress.  I’m 3.5/5 or 70% through with quilting the bamboo in Sydney’s quilt (it’s funny what goes through the mind while I’m sitting there at the machine, focused on the needle going up and down).  Nothing to show there.  I haven’t started anything new, or even balled up my newly spun yarn (tho I will likely do that during a very long conference call today.)

Hand quilting is slow and doesn’t show much progress.  As a machine quilter, I sometimes forget that when a handquilter says they finished a project, it’s as much about being able to keep at the same thing for months on end as it is about making good stitches. 

I have real trouble with that and mix my hand quilting and my machine quilting because I love them both. 

I also needed a portable project for family time, now that my gloves are finished, so I picked up this applique again.


I know that this is not the “style” anymore, but I am enjoying it very much.  I pick it up and make a couple of blocks and then put it away for several months. 


This block, which is going to feature a pomegranate, has 50 pieces of applique.  I’ve been working on it for a year.  But, those grapes?  They must have had a hundred pieces and I remember flying through that.  Anyway, it’s very detailed work and I’ll only make one quilt like this, so it’s worth the extra effort…no matter how long it takes.

My Mom’s surgery went well.  Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes and prayers. 

Okay, just time to brush my teeth and fix a glass of water before I need to log into work.  Be well and have a great Tuesday!



Impera Magna said...

That type applique is not "in style" anymore? When is beautiful not in style?

One Minnesota Quilter said...

The applique quilt is one of my favorites and is on my "hope to do" list some day. Not in style? :)

I enjoy seeing your progress on it. Keep up the good work.


Vesuviusmama said...

I love applique on a pieced background.