A right and a left

Yesterday, the high temperature was in the 50’s.  What a great day to finish my gloves. 


Okay, so somehow, the one on the left is bigger than the one on the right, but I don’t care.  They fit great and even though 51* probably wasn’t cool enough to need them, I did enjoy wearing them this morning when I walked Mable.  They kept my fingers nice and toasty warm.

I got a lot of gardening done on Saturday in just a few hours.  My plot that I’ve been using for vegetables was not working out the way I was trying to use it, so I planned some changes and I grouped some of the like colored daylilies together and moved a few things that survived this year, but did not thrive, into sunnier spots.  Sunshine is in short order in my yard, which is great for water consumption, but makes some flowers hard to grow.  There are a few that I like well enough to find the spot they will do well in and there are others that I let go and replace with something that likes a bit more shade next time.

The quest from Friday’s fairy tale is basketball.  Practice four days a week.  Two of them until after 7.  Games on the weekend, and then, the season starts.

I made sure everyone knew I wanted to talk about it this weekend, and by last night, when we were having commiseration tacos after a miserable loss, I brought it up.  If I’m giving up stuff and being inconvenienced, there are no acceptable missing assignments in the grade book.  There are no grades that are allowed to be low for more than just a moment, before she has taken care of them.  She is allowed too many attempts to re-do work for any low grades to be acceptable. 

I’m feeling better.  Not sure about them.  This is what has to happen if you’re going to want to change things this much for our family.  Not chores.  No special or new expectations.  But no flexibility in the expectations.

So, that’s me.  Quilting, knitting, gardening, parenting, breathing. Not giving in to self-recrimination has freed up so much time. 

Be well and have a great Monday.  Soon I’ll give updates on my marking for Sydney’s quilt over the weekend.  It went really well, even though I only got one section quilted.



Linda said...

Love the gloves! It is wonderful having this cooler weather right now. (I wonder if we'll be back in the 90's next week!)
Bravo for you on the parenting front! Keep up the good work!!!

Kath said...

Oh so did I Lane, although it's only 13'C, the drizzle gave me a good excuse to wear my multi coloured gloves which always cheer me up on grey days.
You did a good job on yours :-D

Mary said...

I was wondering if it was a sport or another new activity. I don't know how they expect the kids to ever keep up with their school work with such a schedule. But at least her time is fully occupied which can be helpful, an unoccupied teen can be trouble waiting to happen